What to keep in mind when buying your wheelchair?

Buying the right wheelchair is not always easy. Each person in the world has specific needs. Therefore, the choice of one or another wheelchair will depend on three very personal factors such as user adaptation, use, and environment.

Generally, all wheelchairs are configurable in terms of size and position of seat and backrest and have armrests and adjustable footrests and removable. However, when buying a wheelchair you have to take other things into account and the offer is so wide that you can feel overwhelmed. From Sunrise Medical, as experts in wheelchairs, our advice is to follow this guide to find the one that best suits you.

How does my wheelchair purchase affect my personal needs?

*    The first question you should ask yourself when buying a wheelchair is what characteristics should it have to adapt to your disability, taking into account aspects such as whether you can make autonomous transfers from the wheelchair (to the car seat, to the bed) or WC) or if you have problems with postural control. Your size and weight will also influence the choice of one or the other. As a general rule, the seat should be between 2 and 4 cm wider than the hips of the occupant and it is very important to verify that the wheelchair is approved for your weight.

*    The second point on which you should reflect is the benefits that your wheelchair should offer you. If you need to fold it frequently, the most convenient thing is to look for a chair those folds without tools and that occupies little space. If you are going to use it to practice sports and for leisure, the lighter the better, and if you have to access small spaces look for a folding footrest. If you need other technical aids (such as anti-deceits cushions, cranes, pole support, etc.) or other types of wheelchair accessories, look for one that is compatible with all of them.

*    Finally, we will talk about the environment: it is not the same to buy a wheelchair for exterior use than the interior, or for an urban environment as for a rural one. You also have to take into account the climate of your place of residence. If it is a humid place your wheelchair must be resistant to oxidation and if you live in a city where it is cold keep in mind that when wearing bulky clothes you will need more space to be comfortable. Click here to get more information on a wheelchair.