What to Expect When You are At the Early Stages of IVF Pregnancy?

So, after the IVF treatment, now you are pregnant. Congratulations! So, let’s see now what can you expect during the first few stages of an IVF pregnancy.

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Test After IVF Pregnancy

Your doctor will schedule a blood test nearly in between 10 to 14 days after the retrieval of your egg. The test will report about the presence and amount of hCG hormone. hCG is pregnancy hormone. You are not recommended to take an early pregnancy test while you are in IVF treatment. Many women take an early pregnancy test while they are in the treatment of IVF, and then they struggle as a drug given during fertility test contains hormone hCG. Whenever you take a pregnancy test after the fertility injection has been pushed in you, you will get a position pregnancy report, but it might be that you are or you are not pregnant.

Progesterone Support will be Continued

When you get a positive pregnancy test, your treatment isn’t over. You might have to stay on progesterone support depending on some situations.

Blood Test will be Continued for Monitoring

After a positive pregnancy test, your doctor might want to continue to test your blood for a few weeks for:

  • Monitoring that the pregnancy is healthy
  • Monitor level of estrogen for symptoms of hyperstimulation syndrome.
  • Monitor progesterone levels

Follow up on Ultrasound

During your pregnancy, your fertility doctor will order for an ultrasound or two before they relieve you to a regular obstetrician. They will want to know if you have multiple pregnancies. If you have a twin, you will find it out at the time of your second ultrasound as your first ultrasound might be too early to do so.