What to Expect From Addiction Therapy

There are many different types of addiction but they all have one thing in common; once you are hooked on the substance you will find it difficult, if not impossible, to give up the substance without assistance.


Being treated for any kind of addiction is something that must be done in stages.  The first stage is simply admitting you have an issue.  This can often seem like the most difficult part.  After all, no one likes to recognize that they are fallible, but the truth is addiction can happen to almost anyone.

Once you have passed this stage you will be able to seek professional help.  For most addicts this will involve a rehab clinic.  This is the best place to start your treatment as they will be able to give you the necessary drugs to replace your addiction and help reduce the withdrawal symptoms.

Some clinics will offer addiction therapy whilst you are coming off the drugs, others will focus on this afterwards.  It doesn’t matter in which order this is done; what matters is that it is completed.  Addiction therapy is a vital part of the recovery process; it will help you to understand what circumstances led to the addiction and how to avoid these situations in the future.

How Addiction therapy Works.

Addiction therapy is effectively counseling, you will spend hours sat with someone talking through your feelings and your life experiences.  This can be sat each side of a desk, on a couch or even whilst walking or exercising.  The idea is to ensure you are comfortable in your environment so that you can focus on talking freely.

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Life experiences

Addiction therapy will delve into your past experiences to see how they have shaped you as an individual and to see if there is a specific event which triggered an addiction or an issue.  Whilst this specific event cannot be changed; it is possible to adjust the way you look at this now and prepare yourself for the future.

The Addiction

It is very important that addiction therapy sessions talk about your addiction.  This will show how your addiction started and why it makes you feel so good.  As your detox starts to take effect you will notice that the discussions on this part of addiction therapy become almost self-answering.  You will gain a greater understanding of yourself and the issues you face which can lead to a variety of addictions.

Team Work

Addiction therapy will also happen in group meetings.  This is a very important step as it shows you that you are not alone.  There are hundreds of other people suffering with similar addictions to yours.  It is important to be aware of this and realize that it can happen to anyone.  This will be a lasting memory which will help you to deal with issues in the future and prevent a relapse.


Perhaps the best part about addiction therapy is that it is an ongoing process.  You will be able to talk to your therapist even after you have finished your treatment at the clinic.  This will be a valuable help when facing the temptation again.

Addiction therapy can help you to overcome your addiction and to remain clean.