What are the perceptions towards neurosurgery?

The first thought that strikes you about neurosurgery is that it is a form of brain surgery. But on careful analysis it has been found that it is much more than that. It deals with the diagnosis and treatment of patients who have disorders or injuries in relation to the spinal column spinal cord and the brain. The best neurosurgery hospital in India caters to both the adults and kids. It depends upon the nature and the type of treatment a neurosurgeon may go on to provide you with the prescribed course of treatment. You need to be aware that it is an advanced branch of surgical medicine that requires extensive years of training with a certain degree of precision. The experience on the part of the surgeon has to be top standards.

The various types of procedures

  • Craniotomy- with this procedure you do go on to remove a lesion in the brain where an opening in the skull is undertaken. Virtually this is a type of brain surgery and you can confer the fact that the most common type of surgery which is undertaken for brain tumour removal. It can also be undertaken to remove a blood clot.
  • Rhizotomy- In this surgery you go on to cut down on the nerve roots and an ideal procedure which does not seem responsive to the less evasive procedures. This procedure is undertaken under the influence of general anaesthesia. The patient is going to lie face down. Along the lower spine you are going to make an incision. Since they are sensory nerves they do not go on to stimulate the muscle movement.

The post-operative mechanisms that is necessary after a neurosurgery

Some of the usual post-operative things that need to be undertaken are blood tests, chest X ray followed by ECG to name a few.  A local CT or MRI scan is suggested so that you are able to minimize the impact of the surgery. The kind of x ray does mark the spot area.

In certain types of programs you might have to undertake a cerebral angiogram. The reason being that the surgeon does have a blood vessel road map before the surgery goes on to take place. This would give them ample guide on where not to go during the course of the surgery. The blood flow studies are also important so as to show the surgeon the situation of your brains blood supply nerves. Before the night of the surgery you are likely to be given medicines so as to prevent seizures of any type. Antibiotics will also be given to you in case if you are suffering from any infections. If you have any allergies it does make sense to make everyone well aware before that.

Before the night of the surgery does appear to be a period of full anticipation. In most cases you are going to be the one who is seen comforting your near and dear ones. A certain degree of anxiety is normal and you are not alone in this regard. Sleeping does become difficult so do not hesitate to ask for sleep medication at this point of time.

The life you can expect after a neurosurgery

The first 24 hours after the operation you will be spending in the hospital or the ICU. At this point of time a post-operative CAT will be performed as well where the nurses are going to beside you. During each hour the process of neurological exam is going to be repeated and at the same time the usual post-operative medicines will be provided as well. This would go on to include pain medications and this would not be much since they want to see you healthy and fine.

After a few hours of the surgery you will be allowed to eat and drink with the diet being advanced after each meal. If things are well you might be returning to bed the next morning. In the next few days you are going to increase the levels of activity till the point you are in a position to go home.  At this point of time a series of doctors will be attending on you. In most cases the neurosurgeon is going to come up with a plan prior to your discharge.

The advanced phase of neurological surgery in India?

The name that comes to our mind in a split second appears to be Gamma knife surgery. As a patient if you are suffering from specific types of brain tumours gone are the days where you needed to go under the knife. During the course of the treatment doctors are able to deliver 200 beams of light with a high degree of precision to the tumours. Though most of you would not have heard of this procedure but this has been in operation for a considerable amount of time.  There are various centres who have been administering this form of treatment for plenty of years. In comparison to the traditional form of surgery, during the course of this surgery you do not need any knife. It means that you do not have to open up the skull.

Why India does appear to be an able choice as far as neurosurgery is concerned?

In the last few years India has opened up new horizons in terms of treatment of neurosurgery. No wonders to the fact that the number of medical tourists has gone on to increase at a considerable level in the last few years. Not only has the cost influenced but it the quality of health care that appears to be the top draw. In the western countries you have to wait for a considerable amount of time waiting for your time of surgery. But in countries like India this does not seem to be the case. Once you are admitted within the next couple of days the surgery is undertaken. In addition you save considerable amount of money in terms of hospital expenses.