Use your medications safely – Avoid committing fatal mistakes

If you’re someone who suffers from different kinds of diseases due to which you have to thrive on medications, you should know that they have to be used in a proper manner to avoid unwanted side effects and contrary reactions. The instructions written on the medications tell you exactly how you should take them, when you should have it and when you shouldn’t. The side effects of the medicines are also often reported. These details can be offered to you by your pharmacist or doctor.

If you wish to buy antibiotics and you want to make sure you use them in the recommended way, you have to know the ways in which you can deal with your medications. Read on to know some such ways.

  • Look for the right name of your medicine

Instead of allowing your doctor to scribble a prescription and send it to you, you should show your own interest towards asking about the name of the medicine. When you do this, you will be able to spot when the pharmacy tries to sell something different to you. Each time the man offers you a refill; take a bit of time and read the name of the medicine before leaving the pharmacy. Make sure whether it is of the same size, color, texture and shape.

  • Get educated on how you should use the medicine

Ensure choosing a doctor and a pharmacist who will give you the comfort zone of asking questions about how you should take the medicine. Ask few vital questions like what you should do in case you forget to take one dose, whether or not you are supposed to take it before or after meals and so on. Are there any kinds of foods that you should avoid while taking this medicine. Where should you store the medicine?

  • Know the reason for taking that medication

There have been cases where a glaucoma patient thought that his glaucoma medicine was being taken for treating headaches. Hence, he started taking his eye medicine only on those days he suffered from headache while he should have taken it everyday. These are few mistakes that you should avoid if you don’t want to cause harm to your health. This way you can even report accurately if you suffered from some side-effect.

  • Read the labels of medicines

Before you start using any medicine, make sure you read the label and inform yourself about the simple details like how much should you use and for how long. Accidentally, you could even apply the eye drops to your ears and give a medicine of an adult to a baby. Avoid committing such mistakes as they can have drastic consequences. Be careful while reading the label and following it.

Therefore, if you’re thinking of the ways in which you can use your medicines in the best possible manner, you should take into account the above mentioned tips from the experts. Let any of your loved one know the list of medications that you take.