Trulicity vs Victoza

There is an ensuing debate about which is the best medication for type diabetes. Trulicity and Victoza are some of the front-runners. The two injectable non-insulin drugs share some similarities and differences. They belong to a class of drugs called glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1) agonists. The two drugs stimulate the liver to release more insulin when there is a high concentration of glucose in the bloodstream. If you are searching for the best prescription assistance drug, you may want to compare the two medications.


  1. Trulicity and Victoza belong to the new class of drugs called GLP-1. Apart from stimulating the liver to produce more insulin, the drugs also help in weight loss. Because of their ability to increase absorption of glucose into the cells, the two medications reduce appetite. Consequently, they act as good agents of weight loss. You should combine the drugs with proper diet and exercise to realize positive results.
  2. The two drugs are ready to use without mixing water. You don’t need complementary drugs for optimum Trulicity or Victoza action.
  3. The two drugs lower the blood sugar by 1.5% over time.
  4. Both are injectable drugs. Although Victoza is injected daily while Trulicity is injected once every week. They are injected on the thighs, upper arm or the abdomen.
  5. The two drugs are non-insulin. They do not induce insulin but stimulate the liver to increases its production to facilitate the elimination of glucose from the bloodstream.
  6. Victoza and Trulicity belong to Pregnancy Category C. Therefore, there is no documented information about the reaction of the drug in pregnant and nursing mothers. The effects are evaluated on a case by case basis. You should seek the advice of a physician before opting out of the drug or embarking on it.


  1. Victoza is the only drug in this class that is cardiac friendly. On the other hand, Trulicity can cause heart problems.
  2. Trulicity price is relatively lower compared to Victoza price. However, there are Trulicity coupons and Victoza coupons for subsidies or free medication. You should submit your details for evaluation to determine your eligibility for these offers.
  3. Victoza and Trulicity dosage differ. The required Victoza dose per day is 0.6mg, and it is increased gradually depending on therapeutic needs. On the other hand, initial Trulicity dosage is 0.75mg per week which could be increased to 1.5mg over time.
  4. The side effects of the drugs are different. While Victoza causes low blood sugar and reaction around the area of injection Trulicity has several side effects. When using Trulicity, patients may experience nausea, abdominal pains, constipation, diarrhea, tiredness, and acid reflux.


Patients who have a history of thyroid cancer should refrain from GLP-1 drugs because they can cause the tumors. It is advisable to seek prescription assistance before using any of the medication. Your physician will evaluate your system compatibility with the drug. In the case of severe side effects, you should seek advice from a professional. Though rare, there are some reported cases of pancreatitis.