Tips For Healthy Breast Lift Recovery

Breast lifts are a common procedure also called a mastopexy. There are a number of reasons women get breast lift surgery, and to be sure there are no complications, proper recovery is essential.

Here are a few tips for a healthy breast lift recovery.

Go Wireless

It is recommended that you use a wireless bra or a sports bra for the first few weeks following the procedure. This allows the breasts to have natural support that is necessary to help them heal.

No Heavy Lifting

It’s a good idea to avoid strenuous activity and especially heavy lifting for 2-3 weeks after surgery. You can go back to work after a week or so, as long as it doesn’t involve heavy lifting or excessive physical activity. After the first two weeks, light lifting is OK, and after approximately six weeks you can return to more strenuous activity.

In the same vein, avoid anything that puts pressure on your chest.

Follow Post-Op Care Instructions

Be sure to carefully follow the post operative care instructions your surgeon gives you. Take care when showering or having a bath that you don’t agitate your sutures.

Start Slow

The days immediately following surgery can be the hardest. You will experience some pain and discomfort so indulge yourself in some pampering and relaxation. Read more at

Aside from getting enough walking in to avoid developing a deep vein thrombosis (a dangerous blood clot) spend the majority of your time in reclined, not prone position. Be sure to keep your feet flexing and dorsiflexing to keep the blood moving while you’re sitting still.

Be Self Aware

You probably don’t need to be reminded of this, but pay extra attention to any changes you weren’t expecting. The include unusual discharge, bleeding around the sutures, swelling or bruising.

Post Suture

Your sutures should be coming out after the first two weeks. However, the scars from surgery can take several months to subside. Get used to seeing them around for a while, but notify your doctor if your scars develop any unusual characteristics. Follow directions for any creams or ointments prescribed to help with diminishing scarring.

Post Op Exercise

Once you are fully recovered from your enhancement surgery, you should be fine to resume a normal workout routine, including one that exercises the pectoral muscles. Just be sure to get clearance from your doctor before resuming any strenuous workout program.

Before Surgery

Although counter intuitive, following guidelines before surgery can help with a healthy recovery. Be sure to refrain from using cigarettes or tobacco products or any kind for at least a month before your procedure. Avoid blood thinners and discontinue any supplements you have been using.

Most important, follow these tips and the advice of your surgeon for post-operative care. Sticking to these guidelines will help you heal quickly and minimize the chance of complications. Once you have recovered you should be able to resume normal activities.

Remember the axiom, if it’s too uncomfortable or painful, then don’t do it. Even if you’re only trying to lift your arms over your head.