Three Tricks for Helping Your Clients Get Better Results in a Personal Training Session

As personal trainers, our clients depend on us to have the answers when it comes to their fitness and achieving their goals in the gym. Results come easier for some clients while others might struggle to reach their goals even with a personal trainer. This is where you need to become innovative and rely on the knowledge and experience you gained from the acclaimed Birmingham based PT courses you took.

    There are many things that you can do to help your clients gain more results and here are some of the most effective methods you can use:

  1. Perform compound movements: Effective compound movements will allow your clients to focus on multiple muscles at once. With compound movements, it is easier to increase muscle mass and burn more calories, resulting in higher energy output. To get the best results, compound moves should comprise of about 75 percent of their workout session.
  2. Add more weight: Give your clients’ muscles an additional challenge by adding more weight in their training sessions. When adding more weight, it is important to choose the right weight. Make sure that the weight is heavy enough to challenge your muscles, but not so heavy that it causes exhaustion or even injury. If the weight is too light, you won’t get the most optimum results from your effort. Choosing proper weight can be quite tricky, requiring some amount of trial and error. In general, an extra weight should allow your client to complete all the reps and they should struggle to finish the last two reps.
  3. Incorporate high intensity interval training: HIIT or high intensity interval training involves short bursts of intense physical movements, which is followed by a period of recovery. A HIIT session should last no more than 90 seconds, but your clients will need to give it their all. HIIT workouts are appealing, because they are brief and very effective. During the rest period, they will be able maintain high heart rate until the next session of HIIT. This strategy should improve aerobic fitness, as well as enhancing endurance and muscle strength. HIIT may also help in accelerating fat loss, which is a good thing to improve overall health.

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