Weight Loss

Smarter Options for the best Weight Loss Options

Whey protein powder, commonly known as “whey” (English), has everything to seduce athletes and fewer sports in search of the perfect body. But what about exactly? Does this protein supplement consumed in shake form really work miracles?

What’s this?

Whey consists of whey isolate (whey). It is sold in supermarkets, such as Walmart and Costco, as well as specialty food supplement shops and gyms. With or without sweetener, with or without flavor, with or without supplements from one product to another, the list of ingredients varies enormously, as does quality. The Phenq ingredients are also information that you need to be aware of.


For who?

This type of product should normally be aimed at people who have trouble meeting their daily protein needs (elderly or sick) as well as high-level athletes, says Alexandra Leduc, nutritionist. However, “it depends on the athlete. Does it consume too little protein or too much? We make recommendations based on the client’s situation” says a sports nutritionist. We must not forget that it is possible to meet our protein needs through healthy eating. Moreover, protein-rich foods also provide us with vitamins that are often non-existent in protein powders.

Good for health?

It depends on the product and how it is used. “You have to check the quality of the protein supplement and make sure it’s certified,” says the expert. Combined with a healthy diet and consumed moderately, according to our needs, a powder of quality protein will not have a negative impact on health. It does more about our portfolio than the harm will be felt, since these products are expensive. It’s a lot cheaper and it fits very well with muffins, cakes and soups. It’s also a good calcium supplement.

For the sportswoman

If you are active, your recommended daily protein intake should be about 1.4 to 2 grams per kilogram of your weight. Although it is usually possible to meet our protein needs with food, Whey Protein Powder can be an interesting choice for its convenience and speed. Protein supplements can be recommended especially for a post-exercise snack. A shake combining proteins and carbohydrates is a good plan B in this context.

Use a nutrition expert to make a choice that fits your needs. As some products are fatter and sweeter than others, you’ll be sure to make a healthy choice.

Miraculous powder for goddess body?

The simple fact of adding protein powder to our diet will not bring any major changes to our body, the expert tells us. “These are the changes we make in our diet and our lifestyle that will lead to

Long-lasting results and optimal health

It can make you lose weight quickly in the morning. Beginning, but afterwards, we will take everything back, and even more. We will come to the “yoyo effect” of weight loss and recovery and it will become almost impossible to lose our weight so we have played with our basic metabolism.