Smart Habits for Healthy Families

Have you ever noticed how some families just seem to be healthier than others? They may all be involved in sports or just seem to be the kind of family that is glowing with inner health whenever you see them. Some might say it is genetics, and it is true that our genes do play a role in how healthy we are as a rule. But it also helps if we have developed some healthy habits along the way.

As parents, we want our kids to have all the advantages they can so they can lead happy fulfilled lives. One way to do this is to start to create those healthy habits when they are young. From making sure they have the right dental care, such as you get when visiting as your family dentist, to eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies we can get them started off right. Here are a few more ideas for some healthy habits you can start with your family today.

Eating Right Instead of Diets

So many adults are caught in the endless cycle of dieting, but your kids don’t have to be that way. It all starts by making sure that they don’t wait until they are “starved” before eating. By eating small amounts of healthier foods at regular intervals they can keep their growing bodies fed without all that sugar and fat from “fast foods” that we grab on the go.

Get your kids in the habit of grabbing nuts or carrot sticks when they feel the need to eat between meals. Remember that it still takes a good thirty minutes for that food to change your signals in your body, so also teach them to eat slowly and savor their food. That includes making sure that breakfast and lunch are always a part of that diet, and that healthy meals are a staple of your family diet.

Exercise Can Be Local

If you have to get in your car and drive to the gym, chances are you will skip it. The same goes for your kids if they have to head for the playground to have some fun exercise with their friends. The best way to make sure you get in some exercise every day is to make it something you do in your own home.

If you have a house with a backyard, you can have a game of touch football. That garage door can always do with a basketball hoop for a bit of decoration and in the summer backyard volleyball is always a hit in our neighborhood. It can be something as simple as skipping a jump rope for twenty minutes each day. Just make it a part of your day and include the whole family.

Bedtime Routines

I am always surprised when I see parents out with toddlers late at night on a weeknight. Kids need their sleep and getting them to bed at a reasonable time may be a chore but it doesn’t have to be. Get a routine going, complete with a bedtime story, to get your kids into the habit of getting plenty of sleep each night. They will lose it when they are teens, so make sure the little ones have a good habit in place before the tween times hit.