Skin Care Tips for Middle Aged Women

Skin is the biggest organ of the human body, and as such needs a thorough and regular care in order to stay glowing and youthful. According to the experts, once you turn 30, your skin care routine should include the use of anti-aging products, so you could slow down the signs of aging as much as possible. However,even if you haven’t been proactive with your skin, it still isn’t too late to start moisturizing, applying retinol and creams rich in antioxidants, as well as turning to some of the most popular cosmetic procedures,in order for your skin to look youthful even after you hit middle age.

Cut down on make-up

While we all think the more make-up we use, the less obvious the signs of aging will be‒ the truth is quite the opposite. The heavier the make-up, the older and more serious you’ll actually look. This is especially true for mature skin, where fine lines have taken its toll on the area around the eyes, lips, and neck. Therefore, go with the good old ‘less is more’approach and, instead of slathering on the foundation, visit a dermatologist who’ll recommend the best skin care routine for you.


Exfoliate your face once a week and see the change happening. The wrinkles on the face and décolletage won’t be as emphasized as they were before the treatment. However, don’t be too harsh on the skin in order toavoid an irritated complexion.You should exfoliate slowly and gently instead. Just one exfoliation can significantly transform the skin in a very short time. Afterwards, all the products you use to reduce the signs of aging will penetrate the skin better and minimize the fine lines.

Cosmetic procedures

When no product in the world seems like a good enough solution for aging skin, you might want to turn to cosmetic surgery. Face-lift, brow lift, neck lift, eyelid surgery, and dermal fillers are just some of the most popular procedures that offer you a younger look and tighter skin. The least invasive and, above all, safe and effective procedure is dermal fillers. With the help of injectable gel made of hyaluronic acid, your lips or any other problematic area can be treated successfully offering you a highly natural look. Therefore, look for specialized clinics that provide dermal fillers in Perth and let the professionals solve your biggest problem.

Don’t forget about SPF

All the sunbathing you enjoyed in your 20s is starting to show its dark side during middle age. Applying a sunscreen with SPF 15 every day when you go outside is of great importance for the skin. Once you decide it’s time to hit the seaside or swimming pool, upgrade to at least SPF 30 to provide better protection for your skin. UVA and UVB rays cause the loss of collagen, which consequently gives you wrinkles and fine lines, so sunscreen is essential. Not only will the use of sunscreen and less exposure to the sun prevent the skin from looking old, but it’ll also reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Use eye cream

Applying eye cream regularly is as important as using SPF each time you’re exposed to the sun. So, make sure you remember to moisturize the eye area every night, because the skin around the eyes is the thinnest and it needs plenty of hydration to lessen the appearance of fine lines. What’s more, eye creams are great for dealing with dark circles, puffiness and dryness.

Final thoughts

Cutting down on make-up, exfoliating the skin, regular use of sunscreen and eye cream are just some of the best ways to treat your skin once you hit middle age. If you want to have a tight and young-looking skin even sooner, while still looking natural, make sure you turn to cosmetic surgeons and schedule your appointment for one of the facial procedures.