The Shape Of Your Butt Tells About Your Health: Know It Here!

The fabulous big butt of Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez is the talk of the hour. The size and shapes of the butt are the cynosures of all masculine eyes.  In order to model today’s top celebrities; women all over the world are on a lookout for a bigger and firmer butt. However, there is a misconception that this can be achieved by plastic surgery only.

With the advancement of medical technology, there is a host of safe, effective and natural products for butt enhancement.  The butt enhancements creams are the most effective and adaptable, making different shapes and tell about your health.

It is believed that storage of fat is bad for health. Contrary to this belief, the position where fat is stored determines the good or bad effect. Therefore, the shape and size of your buttock can say a lot about your general health conditions.  The fat stored in the hip area keeps away the fatty acids from heart, vital arteries and liver.

If you have bigger butts than normal, you will be compared more intelligent and have a lower level of cholesterol. Your body produces more hormones to process more sugar. The following are the four categories of butt.

  1. Square Shaped

In this category, the fat is distributed around the upper part of the gluteal muscles. If you take low-fat diet, fat deposit close to the hips can be reduced, and the H shape of a square can be made.  The fat is deposited closer to the waistline. As a result, you will have the risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and blood pressure.

  1. Round ‘O’ Shape

In this category, most of your fat is deposited in the upper parts of your gluteus.  It makes your squats more effective.  If the fat is stored in your behind, it gives protection to your heart, liver, and arteries by keeping the fatty acids down.

  1. Pear ‘A’ Shape

In this category, your will look lovable as it is shaped like a heart.  Most of your fat is deposited in your upper thighs.  As you age, the fatty acids are coming closer to your vital organs. You need not fret because you are going to be fine if other health issues do not come in.

  1. Inverted ‘V’ Shape

This category is seen in older women because of loss of estrogen. Your butt is prone to sagging. The fat stored in your butt is moving to other areas such as your abdomen or mid-section.

The butt cream helps in growing your buttock because it is made of ingredients like Maca Root extract, Pueraria, Wild Yam, and Mirifica. It can also reinforce the structure of your skin skeleton and can increase your metabolism.

You can use the Iso Sensual Curve because it has the ingredient s like voluplus, Vitamin E, Soy lectin, Vegetable Wax, Potassium Sorbate, de-ionized water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Sweet Almond and Coconut Oils and Glyceryl Stearate. Other creams are Gluteboost, Booty Magic, Booty Perfect, and Slim Extreme 3D Super Serum.