Restore Your Ability to Smile & Chew with A Quality Dental Implants

Dental implant helps in filling the gap left by an extracted or a missing tooth. It’s a very popular option as it gives you the confidence to smile again. Filling in the gap is necessary for the maintenance of your oral health because it can cause your teeth to move and may lead to more gaps and crookedness.

Dental implants Melbourne are renowned for giving the restorative benefits as they provide stability. If you don’t opt for the dental implants treatment and leave a gap in your mouth, this can distort the shape of your face. The lack of muscular support may result in the premature aging of your face.


A dental implant treatment not only maintains your muscles but also your jaw bone density. This helps in improving the appearance of your jaw.

Dental Implants Procedure

The first step of dental implant surgery involves inserting of a titanium implant into your jaw bone. This part act as a root of the new tooth and it is covered by a dental implant crown later on.

Dental implant procedure at Sunshine Dental involves two parts. One is a fixture (implant) and the other one is restoration (crown). The fixture ensures the stability whereas the restoration ensures the desirable cosmetic appearance of your teeth.

Healing and Recovery of Dental Implants           

As per the dental implants Melbourne, once the dental implant is placed inside the jawbone, you need to let it heal. It should make a bond with the bone. This process is known as osseo-integration. The full healing process or osseo-integration can take up to six months duration depending upon the condition of your oral health and individual body metabolism. Once it is healed, the dental implants act as a structural base for your crown. Its appearance and functionality will be the same as the root of natural and healthy teeth.

You may experience slight pain or discomfort immediately after the completion of implant surgery. The discomfort may be in form of minor bleeding, swelling, pain, or bruising around the site of the implant. But don’t worry, these symptoms can be easily brought under control with the help of antibiotics and general medications prescribed by the oral surgeon.

What to Eat?

You don’t need to change your diet dramatically while the osseo-integration process is going on. However, immediately after the dental implant surgery or up to 14 days, you may be required to take soft foods including smoothies, mashed potatoes, soups and ice cream.

If you want to restore the functions and aesthetic appearance of your teeth, feel free to contact the friendly team of Sunshine Dental Group today.