The process of transmission of the HIV infection

HIV is a disease that is mainly caused by the HIV virus. And this virus can spread rapidly through the body through cell to cell transmission or through direct cell transmission. The HIV infection can occur due to various reasons like that of having unprotected sex or using a contaminated needle for injection purpose. Not only that if proper treatment is not taken there is a chance this HIV virus from one person to another.

Risk of HIV for different people

It is very much established that the risks of HIV is different for different people. There are certain groups of people who will be at a greater risk from HIV infection than some other people.

If we consider the United States, then there are a certain group of people who are more likely to get HIV than others because of certain reasons like that of status of their sex partners, the risk that they have and also the place where they live. There are many HIV clinics Singapore that can treat HIV.

If you live in a community and there is one person who is HIV infected then there is lot more chance for you to get HIV affected as well. This is because in a community where everyone lives so closely one can transmit the virus through having sex or sharing needles.

In the US there are several a method which will allow you to see the percentage of people that are affected with HIV infection in different communities and this method is known as CDC’s HIV, STD, hepatitis, and tuberculosis Atlas plus.

The populations that consist of hay men and bisexual men have the greatest number of new diagnoses. Visit the page for more information

When compared to other racial and ethnic group, the African Americans and the Hispanics or Latinos are disproportionately affected by the HIV infection. Also those transgender women who have sex with men also have a high possibility of being infected with the HIV virus. Also the injection drug users also have a high rate of being affected by the HIV virus.

Some other reasons that might cause HIV infection in a person are:-

  1. Hanging unprotected anal or vaginally sex is a risky step which might lead to HIV.
  2. There are some people who take medicines to prevent of treat HIV that are not safe.
  3. Sharing needles or syringes are the major reasons that help in transmission of HIV infection.

Having anal sex is a very risky step. Even if you do not have HIV infection, the act of participating in an anal sexual act might result with you getting infected with the HIV virus. If you do have HIV infection then if you perform anal sex then is a high chance that you might transmit the virus.

But there are many options now that can help you get treatment against HIV infection. Some effective ways are to use less risky sexual acts, using condoms and using syringes or needles that are not contaminated.

The process by which HIV infection gets transmitted

There are some very specific and common acts through which one person can transmit the HIV infection. These common behaviours generally consist of sexual acts and use of contaminated needles or syringes.

  • If a person has HIV infection then this HIV infection can speed through certain body fluids like that of blood, semen, pre seminal fluid, vaginal fluids and also breast milk.
  • This fluids when comes in come in contact with mucous membrane or any kind of damaged tissue or even it can be directly injured into the blood stream. Due to this transmission occurs. This mucous membrane are found often inside the rectum, vaginal, penis and also mouth.
  • HIV infection is generally spread if someone is having anal or vaginal sex without using any protection.
  • Sharing needle or syringes that are contaminated are also responsible for transmission of HIV infection.
  • HIV infection can also spread from mother to child during the time of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. So it recommended that all pregnant women should get HIV test done to maintain safety.
  • The HIV transmission can allow is a real troublesome cause for those health workers who are often infected with contaminated needles.
  • HIV infection can also spread in case of having oral sex and also during blood transfusion.