The Personal Fitness Regime That Will Make You Fit In No Time

Rebounding – the latest personal fitness craze to hit town is one that you can do from the comfort of your home. Being a personal mini trampoline, everyone is able to exercise by jumping up and down at varying angles to increase the intensity of the work out. Best part is that rebounding is something you can get used to quickly as a form of exercise, no need for technical skills or fitness to attempt rebounding for the first time. Rebounding has been recognized to have various health benefits such as muscular growth, the reduction of arthritis pain, weight loss, cardiovascular health and many more so why not try rebounding now?

Multiple Uses

Rebounding on your personal trampoline is a full body workout that can be done anywhere, anytime and in the comfort of your own home. No need for expensive gym memberships to get in shape or to get some exercise done! The rebounder is able to replace several pieces of gym equipment fully, to give you a full workout – all for the price of one. A workout involves bouncing on the rebounder and can be done with many different exercises such as running, jumping, star jumps, abdominal crunches, step ups, just to name a few.


The Needak rebounder is space efficient, no bigger than a coffee table which can be folded and stored away when not in use. It also cuts back on the sound, having rubber soles at the bottom of the robounder to minimize sound. Along with the impact absorber of the mat and the springs, you will hardly hear a sound, much less wake up a sleeping neighbour!

Why Needak?

Now that we understand the benefits of a rebounder, why should we go with Needak? Taking up about the biggest market share at 40% of total rebounder market, Needak is priced affordably at $280 each, cheaper than all its competitors with exception from that manufactured in China. Also, Needak comes in consistently at 97-100% customer satisfaction on third party sites such as Amazon, Ebay and Google where most reviews compliment the quiet spring system as well as the ease of use. The only negative reviews were all due to a general lack of rebounding experience that caused some frustration when using their new Needak rebounder. Yet, Needak sees repeated sales across the years and satisfied customers come back for more or recommend their friends to get one to do group activities together. If you are ever unstable on your feet, the optional stabilizer bar that connects seamlessly to the Needak rebounder is a great option to help you start on your rebounding journey.

Built with good quality materials, it is little surprise that customers enjoy rebounding on the Needak, complementing the feel of the bounce it gives. Sturdy with a good bounce, it gives assurance of the product’s quality. So if you have tried rebounding, liked it and want to have one of your own, try Needak!