Do you hate the word gym but would like to either lose weight, have a toned body or just be fit and healthy in your old age? Then you have come to the right page. Outdoor fitness training can help solve most of your problems related to your body, health as well as keep you away from the gym and its conventional and stuffy environment. Outdoor fitness training makes sure that you not only get in the perfect shape you have always been secretly hoping for but it also helps you get the most out of the environment and the weather. Outdoor fitness training ensures that the benefit you get is not only for your external body and muscles but it focuses on your skin as well.

Gyms nowadays are super expensive and not everyone can afford to waste so much money every month just to use a room and some machines for an hour or two. On the other hand, outdoor fitness training can help you fight depression, change your mood for the better as well as make you feel happy and satisfied not just internally but externally as well by helping you connect with nature. With the help of outdoor fitness training, you can even get the ideal tan you have always wanted for yourself that too free of cost and forget the problems related to expensive fake tans!

Norwell outdoor fitness

Norwell outdoor fitness was first founded by the Barkholt family in 2007, Denmark. While traveling in Asia, the Barkholt family noticed how there are so many parks in every nook and corner of a society and the benefits people get from it. They also noticed that people generally do love being under the Sun as well as play and exercise in the parks way more than in the gym. After getting fascinated and motivated to start something new and unique, the family started their own special line of open-air wellness gear, communicating the absolute best of Danish Design: quality, usefulness, and style. As a leader in the outdoor fitness training idea, Norwell immediately began to fare, and as of now Norwell Outdoor Fitness training parks in the majority of Europe. As of late Norwell is also being established into the North American market.

Norwell outdoor fitness training is so popular not only because of its unique and out of the box idea but also because it caters to the needs of individuals of all ages. Apart from the age factor, Norwell outdoor fitness training also helps those who have special needs, treating everyone equally. They believe that the investment in public spaces should only be built from highest quality materials and they would never compromise on this, this makes them one of the best in their field of work.

The Norwell fitness line covers the adults of age 13 and above, and each station covers one of the four areas: Cardiovascular, Strength, Balance, and Flexibility. Each station has different color bands and trainers to help in exercises as well as for supervision. For those with special needs and disabilities, Norwell’s research department is looking for more ways to make exercises easier for people as well as add new machinery for special individuals. As of now, some of the equipment presents include Tai Chi, Handcycle, Ultra Bar, Back and chest builder.

For the kids from the age of 8-14, Norwell outdoor fitness training caters to their needs by providing fun activities which help them not get bored as well as have a great time. They also have an App which is designed similar to a gaming app and it helps the children challenge their friends, count the calories, shows videos of how a specific exercise is done as well as provides directions and shows where you can find a Norwell outdoor fitness training park nearby.

Norwell outdoor fitness training’s website is so informative that you can find everything you have always wanted and much more! Their parks are present and accessible to a large number of people as Norwell outdoor fitness training parks are in Canada, USA, Iceland, France, Netherlands, Spain, Slovakia, Norway, and obviously in Denmark.

Norwell outdoor fitness training has been one step ahead of their competitors and they have introduced different packages suitable for all types of people. Some of these packages include Norwell power, Norwell Senior, Norwell family, Norwell Gold, Norwell Starter, as well as Norwell standard, and many more. As the names suggest, different packages cater to people with different financial status as well without any kind of discrimination or judgments involved.


If you have always wanted to socialize as well as work out and be slim and not workout inside a small square-shaped room, the Norwell outdoor fitness training parks are your best option. By being outside, you can experience the sun as well as the soothing weather, get the tan you have always dreamt of having and also make new friends. It does not just end here, the best part is that you can choose a family package and exercise with your entire family.

As most of the gyms have age limits and most of the machines and equipment are not for the kids, seniors, and they are especially inappropriate for the individual with a disability. Norwell outdoor fitness training parks help solve all your problems related to health and body. It is high time to let your dreams of having the perfect and healthy body not to forget the perfect and real tan be fulfilled.

Norwell outdoor fitness training is there to help you in every step of the way, all you have to do is to visit their website, check out all their deals, equipment as well as the packages and apply for their membership. Life has never been this easy and your perfect body as well as an amazing mood lifter, depression reducing, life savior has never been just one click away. Do visit their website and check out their stuff, you will love it!