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Nootropic Supplements: The Latest Craze, But Does it Really Works?

A supplement or drug that claims it can help give people mental clarity, longer energy and laser-sharp focus sound like a science fiction movie. But as extraordinary as “smart drugs” as it seems, there is a quiet revolt that is going on in the wellness industry that said to solve you four in the afternoon energy slumps once and for all. 

The interest in this wonder pill called Nootropics is starting to build its reputation slowly. The science behind it is not actually new, but a lot of people are starting to welcome them more. In the United States alone, the popularity of Nootropics is skyrocketing and it is growing.

First and foremost, Nootropics are substances that can help boost the cognitive function of your brain, as well as your energy. Nootropics can be synthetic or natural. A lot of products can be considered as Nootropic, which includes your morning cup of Joe. Caffeine is regarded as the most widely used or oldest Nootropic known to man. 

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There are also prescription pills, which is a medication that is given for people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD like Modafinil. But the types of Nootropics that are currently making a lot of noise today are usually found in health boutiques rather than the doctor’s office. 

Natural extracts like the Lion’s Mane, Ashwagandha, Siberian Gingseng, Cordyceps Mushroom or Goji Berry are being rooted out from an ancient knowledge and used in modern boosters and supplements. Some of them offer energy boost and high concentration without the crash and burn effect associated with most energy drinks, as well as the disruption of sleep that caffeine is known for. 

Like almost wellness movements, this type of wave can be traced back to Silicon Valley, the land of overworked people working in IT-related companies. These employees play hard and work harder, and the people who are working in these types of environments are always looking for things that can help them increase their productivity. There is the culture around these companies of hacking things like efficiency, energy and sleep.

Natural Nootropics are the perfect overlaps between the collective desire for busy people, as well as the pull of holistic health care. For people that are always on-the-go with high-paying jobs, they are very fascinating. A Nootropic called Ashwagandha is considered an adaptogen. 

It means that it can help the body resist all the effects of stress. Some studies suggest it can help minimize the production of the stress hormone called cortisol, while components like magnesium is a proven muscle relaxant. If you cannot imagine going without the daily cup of Joe, why not try Nootropics. Some companies make coffee that has traces of Rhodiola and Lion’s Mane, which is known as a potent adaptogenic.

Natural components like Gingko Biloba, theanine, caffeine, co-enzyme Q10, magnesium and turmeric provide the brain boost, energy, focus, proper circulation and improve the blood circulation. Most experts believe that not every person needs Nootropics and they are not usually to be taken on a daily basis or indefinitely. 

Experts also believe that it can be part of a general strategy to manage people’s stress, but the plan also needs to look at the person’s lifestyle and diet. These drugs can be very helpful for busy days like Christmas or New Year, where you are socializing a lot and working hard. Some people feel like they need to have additional energy and focus, but others do not require that extra boost. 

The big question is, do these drugs work? If you look at drugs like Provigil or Modafinil, we cannot actually explain why these pills work. It has the same effect as over-the-counter medications and supplements; you cannot always explain why these supplements work. 

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That is not to say it is something people need to be concerned about. For example, we do not know how paracetamol works. There is strong evidence that theanine, guarana or magnesium is the main reason why these things work. While there are also potential links that a lot of extracts like Rhodiola or Lion’s Mane is still in its infancy stage.