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Narcan – What is it?

Narcan – What is it

What is the drug Narcan? Narcan is a nasal formulation of naloxone, which is an FDA approved treatment method for opioid overdose. The Narcan nasal spray is needle-free and ready to use medicine, which can be administered easily. The life-threatening effects of opioid overdose can be counteracted with the Narcan nasal spray. No medical training is required to administer it and therefore is given to medical personnel

When you consider what is a Narcan and its benefits, these are the things to note:

  • Needle-free
  • Easy to use for anyone
  • Does not require medical training
  • Inhalation is not required

Medical personnel mostly prescribe Narcan to minimize the risk of chemical dependency on the drug, but now it is mostly used for emergency situations such as an overdose. The Narcan was recently popularised when famous pop singer Demi Lovato overdosed in the summer of 2018, and she was administered this.

Narcan effects:

When administered swiftly and accurately, Narcan will counteract the effects of the opioid substances and helps in life-threatening situations of overdose. The drug not only successfully treats in the symptoms of the overdose of opioids but also helps during an event of an overdose.

It must be noted that the effects of Narcan last only 90 minutes, and if there is a lot of opioids in the system of the patient, he would require another application of the medication. It is important to monitor the user very closely when it comes to this.

Is Narcan given free to addicts? The Narcan can be availed only by prescription in 36 of the states in America and is administered by health care professionals at an emergency situation or when there is a critical drug situation. While some medical experts inject Narcan into the veins, some also make use of the nasal spray.

The use of Narcan, as explained by Narcan Podcast, says that even the use of the medication may result in some side effects. Narcan blocks the opioids from attaching onto the receptors of the brain and might result in withdrawal symptoms. This includes nausea, vomiting, fever, and a lot of aches in the body. While the drug can be used to save lives, it must be noted that it is not a solution for addiction – for that, therapy and rehab is necessary.

The Rehab’sNarcan Podcast are set up to educate the need for the medication and create more awareness on the issue of an opioid overdose.