Weight Loss

Lose Fat Effectually By Taking Phentermine

Ionamin is a prescription drug that can be used to suppress appetite. It can cause weight loss by reducing your hunger or making you feel full. Like the other weight-loss drugs, this medication can be used as a part of a weight loss plan. It is meant for the obese people or for those who could not lose sufficient weight with proper diet and regular exercise. It is listed as a Schedule IV drug and though it has the potential of being abused, yet its actual abuse is quite low. This is a commonly prescribed medication for weight loss and should not be taken by patients suffering from certain ailments.

The main objective of Phentermine is to aid in weight loss. The exact way this medication works in unknown and different schools give different reasons. The reasons vary from being putting effects on the brain to enhanced energy output to the burning of more calories. It belongs to sympathomimetic amines and is classified as an appetite suppressant meant for promoting weight loss. It is generally prescribed for a limited time period to increase the rate of weight loss. Most people take for it 3-6 weeks and the duration depends on how you respond to it. It can result in habit-forming. So, a larger dose or taking it for a longer period than recommended is not advised.

Some advisory tips

Mostly the doctors advise the consumption of this drug either on an empty stomach or two hours after breakfast. The tablets can be taken with food or without it. If you take the tablet in the oral form, let it dissolve on its own, do not chew it or swallow it. If the pill is taken in the evening it could give insomniac effects. Thus, the doctors advise not to take it after 6 p.m. This pill should be taken only for a few weeks duration but never for a prolonged time period. If your appetite increases then you must inform the doctor at the earliest.

The alternatives

If you do not want to face the risks of side effects then there are natural and clinically tested alternatives available for sale. Two safe alternatives to Phentermine are there that target the stored fat of the body, suppress appetite, boost the energy output, and prevent the production of new fat cells in the body. These alternatives are composed of the natural ingredients, which are completely free of side effects. The ingredients are all premium grades and contain natural mineral extracts which work on the body in different ways.