Lasik Treatment and Its Requirements

Lasik is the most popular eye surgery for the patients with a disturbing eye-sight. You can rely on this method fully. There are no drawbacks of the Lasik eye surgery. But there are some requirements or you can say some criteria which you should follow to do this treatment. Yaldo Eye Centre can also provide you with the details guidelines. You will have to maintain these in order to get a better vision.

  • Your eye should be healthy:

Your present eye condition is the big thing which can control the post-operative period. If you have suffered from any kind of eye injury, or any kind of severe eye syndrome, conjunctivitis, then you will need to talk about it with your doctor. The doctor can be able to determine your eye condition during the time of examination. If you have suffered from dry eye syndromes then your doctor will advise you with the treatment like artificial tears. It can help to solve your dry eye problem.

  • Thick cornea:

Your cornea should be enough thick to do the Lasik eye surgery. But today, there are many advanced treatments which can be able to cure this problem.

  • The age:

The minimum required age is 18. Your age should not be below this. Younger patients are treated with an exception. The treatments for them are not similar to others. If your age is above 40, then you will need a reading glass to read properly. But these conditions should be treated after the Lasik eye surgery.

  • Your health:

Your health issue should be in a good and stable condition. The heart rate and the sugar level must be in control. There are no other choices. You will have to control your pressure, sugar level and you will need to do an ECG to get your proper heart condition.

  • Pregnancy:

Lasik eye surgery is not suitable for the pregnant women. There are many issues which can control your health during your pregnancy. The massive hormonal changes can be able to alter the shape of your cornea. This will lead to some vision problem which is not permanent. So, if you are pregnant, then you will have to delay the Lasik eye surgery for your betterment.

These are some requirements which you will need to follow to do the Lasik Eye Surgery. You can also visit this link  for the details about Lasik eye surgery.