Keep your BMI in control with homeopathy

The number of obese people in the world is rising by the day and minute. A number of studies and researches have shown and estimated that by the year 2025, one-fifth of all the adults in the world will be determined obese. Back in 1975, India used to be placed on the 19th position in the list of countries ranked by obesity. However, things have drastically changed over the last few decades and now, unfortunately, India holds the title of being the 3rd most obese country in the world.

A staggering number of both the Indian men and women are found to be obese. What makes worse is the fact that children have followed suit and now obesity is found like an epidemic outbreak among children especially the ones that belong to urban settings.

Understanding the BMI

A person’s BMI (Body mass index) determines if whether he or she is obese or not. The BMI is calculated on the basis of a person’s gender, height, and weight and it largely depends on the individuals and body composition.

Obesity brings along a host of several other disorders and medical conditions. Obesity itself might be a symptom of any other underlying sickness in the body. Obesity if left ignored for long can eventually take ugly turns. It is best to curb it while at its onset. Obesity in children, however, is a larger worry as being overweight may impede their overall growth which includes imperative development of the mind and body.

Here are a few reasons behind childhood obesity.

  • Poor diet: Excessive consumption of foods high in fat and calories such as burgers and cola are a prime convict behind childhood obesity.
  • Physical Inactivity: Children these days are glued to their cellphones or computers. They choose to play games on electronic devices instead of outdoor games. This has promoted the worrying level of lack of exercise among children.
  • Mental Stress: Some children take overeating as a coping mechanism when dealing with mental pressure or bullying at school.
  • Hormones: Almost 10% of cases of childhood obesity are linked to hormones and genetics.


Dr Batra’s clinic specializes in the field of childhood obesity treatment. Their team of experienced and senior homeopathic doctors treats children safely with the help of homeopathy while evaluating their health systematically.

Every child is scientifically monitored with a special BMI evaluating machine available at all Dr Batra’s clinic branches. A team consisting of dieticians, pediatricians, and endocrinologists work in ties to help figure out the best and safest treatment possible for the child.