Hydration vs Moisture: Which One is More Important?

A lot of people think of moisture and hydration as the same thing, therefore believing that a moisturiser is identical to a skin hydrator.  In reality, these are two are very different products specially formulated for the skin. Believe it or not, hydrator and moisturiser are not just synonyms written on products as part of a smart marketing scheme to make you buy more than you need.

Skin Moisturisers

A moisturiser’s primary responsibility is to reduce transepidermal water loss by generating a barrier over the epidermis. These types of products work to retain moisture on the skin at the time of application. Moisturisers create a protective seal on the epidermis and can minimise the risk of existing moisture evaporating throughout the day.

Healthy skin can generate lipid cells; these cells activate the skin’s ability to protect itself from moisture loss, sending signals to our sebaceous glands to make more sebum or oil.

Individuals that have a disrupted lipid barrier normally experience very dry skin conditions, because the skin can’t coat the skin’s surface properly, causing a loss of hydration. Primarily, a moisturiser should help in addressing the lipid barrier in order for the skin to rebuild a healthy moisture balance.  

Skin Hydrators

Hydrating products are made to boost the water content of the skin. Whereas, moisturisers are developed to hold moisture into the skin. Generally, this is achieved by using hygroscopic ingredients. A Hygroscopic substance can draw water from its surroundings through adsorption or absorption. Honey, hyaluronic acid and glycerin, are all fantastic examples of hygroscopic substances.  They absorb water from the air and secure it to the skin, helping hydration.

Long Story Short

Its essential to apply hydrating products than to moisturise. By doing this, you are boosting moisture to the skin, and then make sure that it stays on your skin throughout the entire day.  If you suffer from dry skin but only use a moisturiser, you may need to apply it more than once a day. While the moisturising ingredients may appear to have helped, they are not addressing the root of the problem.

You can increase the water content of the epidermis by including a hydrator in your daily skincare routine; this will help the skin reclaim its natural moisture balance. Skin hydrating facial treatments Gold Coast have hydrating ingredients that make the skin more receptive to absorbing all the beneficial components offered by a moisturiser. The more powerful a moisturiser is means a little goes a long way, which has the bonus of saving you money in the long run!