How to Choose the Best Irvine Orthodontist?

Properly aligned teeth are one among the important facial features that define the beauty of the person.  Most of the adults and teenagers are today are looking at orthodontic treatment improve their appearance, functioning of the teeth as well as confidence.  The treatment is a bit expensive affair and the ratio of teenagers and adults looking for the treatment is the same. Many of the patients are unaware of the checklist while choosing the orthodontist and end up in making a wrong choice. The current article serves as a guide for the checklist in choosing the orthodontist.

Is your doctor or orthodontist or dentist?

This is the first self-answered question when you are searching for the orthodontist for the treatment. People get confused while choosing between the dentist and orthodontist. All orthodontist are dentists but only  6% of the dentists are orthodontists. They have added 3 years of experience in the accreted orthodontic program so, when you are looking for a doctor for orthodontic treatment, it is vital to reach the best Irvine orthodontist. If you are searching online, remember to check the experience qualifications of the doctor on their web portal.

Support team

Orthodontists you approach remain responsible for your treatment plan. However, they are always assisted by the support team. The support team consists of therapists, nurses, and coordinators. Everyone on the team plays a key role in the treatment plan, make sure to know who going to be involved in your treatment and their qualification and experience.

Treatment options

The problems of the patients are unique so, the orthodontists have developed different treatment options for the patients. Go through their web portal to know their treatment options. You could discuss the right treatment plan in your initial consultation. Having a look at their portal to know the treatment options will give you an opportunity to establish the discussion when the need arises.


Most of the orthodontic treatments offered by the doctors need the patient to complete multiple visits to get good results. Your initial consultation with the doctor will let you know the number of visits you should encounter to complete the treatment plan. Make sure the location of the appointment has close proximity to your office or home. This does not mean you to compromise on the other criterion like experience and qualification of the orthodontist. Choose the location that has close proximity to your home or office will make it easy to schedule the appointment even on weekdays. Professional relationship

The impression you get on your first visit is also an important factor in picking the orthodontist. You should feel welcome on your visit to the clinic. Trusting the first instinct will help you make correct decisions. Ensure that you feel comfortable with the orthodontist on your first consultation. Judge if he is patiently answering all your questions because you have to make a continuous appointment with the doctor for a decent period of time as a part of treatment.


Checking reviews of the doctor are equally important before initiating your treatment. You should check the reviews of previous patients on the web portal. You can even check for the photographs of the patients before and post treatments to make an informed decision.

Finance options

As said in the beginning, orthodontist treatments do not come cheap, it is very important to consider your finance options before initiating the treatments.  Check if your dentist offers flexible payment options or if the treatments are covered by insurance benefit. You should have a detailed list of the fee involved in the treatment plan before starting the treatment so that you are aware of the finances that needed to arrange for the treatment plan.

Post-treatment care

You may have to continue your orthodontic treatment for a quite a bit of time. While you have scheduled appointments with the dentists, you should have an easy and good accesses to the support team in between in case you face trouble with the appliance.  Check if the treatment plan includes post-treatment support because retention is the most important phase of the treatment plan.