How Mindfulness and Meditation can Change your Life.

Remember early childhood, when you were naturally happy and carefree? At least for a while, for no apparent reason? And a few people have even experienced far more than everyday happiness, a spontaneously emerging inner bliss so profound and fulfilling that it created everyday deep peace, freedom, fulfillment and self-confidence that has never diminished.

On the other hand, even most of those who have had the experience that have not managed to maintain more than just a memory of it into adulthood under societies pressures.

Losing it

Society in its blind ignorance somehow trains spontaneity out of us without giving us any ideas of this underlying reality of life. Who we really are, apart from just the hints that are provided to us via various religion and a set of rules of things we can do; it urges us onto the hamster wheel of economic growth without any justification other than financial wellbeing and no resilience to the resultant stresses that is created by the struggles of life. All the while we are kept far apart from our true selves.

The solution lies in weakness. Having forgotten our inner selves, spiritual strength the real and only source of all happiness which when noticed seems to come from events people and possessions.

However, you need to know yourself.

To rediscover our true self is a silent blissful self – the source of all happiness with love, energy, creativity, peace and all good things in life.

This is described in Greek teachings as to know yourself, the way of transcendence. Rediscover our true selves the silent blissful self, the source of happiness, love energy, creativity peace and all the good things in life.

The result is that life gets easier, healthier and more inspiring and rewarding in every possible way as we dont look for happiness from our experiences but express our pre-existing happiness through our experiences.

Meditation has been medically, psychologically and scientifically proven to improve connections in the brain, reduce depression, anxiety and many more benefits. And, so it’s no secret that the practise of meditation and mindfulness is incorporated into drug rehab treatment as well as something that is often integrated into care home treatment.

If you truly want to change your life, you must first change your mind

Other advantages of Meditation include

  • Decreased stress
  • Enhanced ability to deal with illness
  • Decreased depressive symptoms
  • Improved general health
  • Improved academic and vocational success
  • Protects against the psychological effects of bullying and intimidation
  • Provides support and boosts resilience