Freeze Your Fat Off with The Latest CoolSculpting Options

CoolSculpting uses two contoured applicator paddles which are placed along the targeted fatty tissue area. As soon as the fat has been suctioned between the two applicators, the fat rapidly cools to a freezing temperature.

When CoolSculpting first hit the market, the treatment took around 60 minutes to complete. Then, as the body metabolises the unneeded fat cells over three to four months, patients reported up to a 30% reduction in fatty tissue, with dramatically improved physical contours. Now there is a wide range of applicators available, and CoolSculpting can be customised to nearly any area of the body. Because there are no sutures or incisions, complications risks are minimal for following CoolSculpting treatment.

Patients who require further fat reduction can have repeat treatment sessions due to the fact that CoolSculpting is safe and effective.

Conventional CoolSculpting Applicators

CoolSculpting’s conventional applicators were created to give the maximum benefit for each and every patient, allowing treatments to be custom-tailored for personalised results.

CoolSculpting’s initial applicator designs are still used today, providing a beneficial substitute for invasive procedures like liposuction. The CoolSmooth PRO is a must-have for ‘hard to pinch’ areas of fat, like the outer thigh. CoolSculpting’s CoolMini improves how fatty deposits look in smaller locations, for example, the double chin. CoolSculpting’s CoolMax applicator provides incredible results with the most significant volume of fat reduction. The CoolSculpting applicators offer excellent, noninvasive improvements. Every session is comfortable and requires zero anaesthetics.

Cool Advantage

Zeltiq, the producer of CoolSculpting, recently introduced a brand new set of enhanced applicators to the market. Combining the very best in technology, medicine and science, the new CoolAdvantage efficiently enhances benefits of CoolSculpting’s easy, noninvasive fat removal system. If you are interested in noninvasive fat elimination, check out CoolSculpting by Man Cave Sydney clinic.

CoolSculpting’s Newest applicators

There are several advantages to CoolSculpting’s new and improved CoolAdvantage Applicators. The treatment time has been brought down from 60 minutes to just 35 minutes, providing patients with their expected results faster. Even more important than speed is consistency and comfort. The innovative CoolAdvantage compatible hand-piece was remodelled to target natural contours better.

CoolFit Advantage

  • Ideal for treating the inner thighs
  • Designed for vertical areas of fat
  • Efficiently works on ‘hard to pinch’ areas of fat

CoolCurve+ Advantage

  • Made specifically for curved areas
  • Contours hips and beltline

CoolCore Advantage

  • Provides impressive results on the abdomen
  • Smooths and flattens stomach
  • Made to reach large contoured areas