Five Things You Need To Know About Using Steroids

Steroids have been a subject of many debates over the years. While bodybuilders hail the use of such drugs for gaining muscles, others are quite apprehensive. In fact, the media has left no scope to bash steroids and those who use these compounds. Are steroids so bad? Should you consider using these drugs? In this post, we will talk about all of these in detail.

What are steroids?

Steroids are a special class of compounds, with a structure that consists of four carbon rings. There are two kinds of steroids – corticosteroids and anabolic compounds. The first one is mainly meant for medical treatments, while anabolic steroids are used for bodybuilding muscle gain. There are all kinds of steroids in the market, but most of them will help in increasing the protein synthesis rate, which will, in turn, help in gaining muscles faster. Note that every steroid is different and has unique potency and side effects.

Tips for using steroids

  1. First things first, get informed. You need to know as many things as possible before using steroids, and that can only happen when you get information from the right sources. Check websites like abcroids, where you can find unbiased details.
  2. Do not take steroids as a substitute for training. You will need a diet plan and a good training regime in place to see results. Always talk to a trainer to know the aspects of using steroids and kind of compounds you should consider.
  3. Typically, most bodybuilders use a mix of steroids in a cycle, which is known as a stack. You can decide on the stack, based on your fitness goals. For example, if you are looking to gain muscles, your stack will be very different from someone who is in the cutting phase.
  4. Consider the side effects. Yes, steroids do have a few side effects, but these are only related to long term use and large doses. As long as you follow the dosage as recommended and don’t overuse the steroid for more than the suggested period, you can minimize most of the consequences.
  5. Finally, do buy steroids from the right sources. Not all compounds are legal, and hence, most people buy online from other countries. Make sure that you read the details before buying from a manufacturer. Read about the possible costs, because you don’t need something that’s too expensive.

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