Fertilisation in the test tube

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is the so-called test-tube fertilisation. Here, the propagation of the egg cell by the sperm outside the body. The original reason for the IVF was historically the presence of damage to the fallopian tube. Today artificial insemination is also carried out in many other situations when other, less expensive procedures are not promising. In this method of fertilisation outside the female body, the fallopian tubes usually play no role. Thus, it is the method especially in women with closed fallopian tubes. Today natural IVF process is now much more efficient and affordable. The first test tube fertilisation in 1978, more than 10 million children have emerged in this way.

What is the role of modern fertilising centre?

The actual fertilisation is preceded by a stimulation treatment of the ovaries with the aim of allowing more than one egg to ripen, to increase the chance of propagation in the test tube. After the growth of sufficient numbers of vesicles with a good stage development, it is given an additional hormone injection which brings the egg maturation to a close. Then, after about 36 hours, the oocytes are removed under ultrasound vision and usually under short-term anaesthesia. In exceptional cases and at the request of the patient, only the use of painkillers or short sleep aids should be discussed.

The procedure is carried out in our practice and takes only about 5-10 minutes. You then remain in practice for 2 hours for monitoring.The artificial insemination itself can be described in a simplified way in such a way that in a vessel the prepared sperm cells of the man are brought together with the egg cells of the woman and fertilise them there by themselves. The resulting embryos are reintroduced into the uterus where they grow up in case of success. In this respect, this form of fertilisation is not artificial but at best supported. The term artificial insemination is however established worldwide and should therefore also be used here.

Conclusion: Choose the best clinic

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