Don’t Go to the Gym!

Don’t go to the gym? Aren’t you a personal trainer in Vienna? Why are you saying that one should not go to the gym?

Okay, I do apologize for the vague click bait title but yes don’t go to the gym. So what am I getting at here why would I tell you not to go to the gym? Fact is, millions and millions of people will be joining gyms this holiday season. You will see endless promotions on TV, on the radio, and in your mailbox about joining a gym this holiday season. But the fact is, most times, especially for those who are just getting ready to start a program for the first time, the worst thing you could do is join the gym. So what do I mean by all this?

Let’s face it, every expert knows that if you’re going to get any results with your fitness plan there are a number of factors that are going to have to be assessed. For one, the correct form is very important when performing exercises. If the form isn’t done properly you risk getting injured or in a majority of the cases, just not targeting the muscles that you’re trying to target correctly thus not yielding results.

Next, let’s face it, if you haven’t done an exercise program before, or even if you have and then stopped, chances are you are not going to be consistent with your plan. Your body thrives on consistency and without it, the likelihood of you seeing results is very slim. Herein lies the problem with attending gyms. For instance, the typical gym-goer usually will work out either before or after work. Now let’s say for instance the plan is to workout after work. Now let’s say the same gym-goer has a long day of work, is hitting traffic on the way home, etc., what do you think the likelihood is of them going to the gym to get that workout? Is the gym going to call them and say hey where are you? I think not. Thus here lies the problem with attending gyms. If you have the discipline and consistency this might not be an issue however for the average gym-goer consistency is a big problem.

So what is recommended? Well the hope is that this gym-goer has the discipline and that consistency won’t become an issue. However the statistics will show most gym-goers do end up having a problem with accountability and consistency so what is there to do?

What I recommend for the average novice, or somebody who is just starting to get into a program, is to hire an in home personal trainer. An in home personal trainer is great because they will meet you at your front door and bring with them all the equipment necessary for a great workout. With an in home personal trainer you will receive the accountability and consistency needed for great results all in the comfort of your home. Not only that, but by having a professional work with you will correct any flaws in your technique and mechanics thus preventing injury.

So in summation, if you are looking to start an exercise program this season take my advice and look into an in-home personal trainer. It is my opinion that in home personal trainers will prevent against loss time and injury. Results will come quicker and with results comes adherence. I wish you all a great holiday and the best of health. If you ever need a hand feel free to reach out to us at Every Body’s Personal Trainer.