Do You Enable Addiction?

The rampant use and dealings of drugs had been an alarming issue that almost all of the regions across the world are facing right now. Due to the ease brought by modern technology, drug use and transactions became easier and effective to its users. There are instances that even your close friend or family member is using drugs. Given this, people can’t help but ask do you enable addiction? Are you getting taunted by the heaven-like effect brought by drugs and other illegal substances? Do you shield them from the natural consequences brought by their illegal actions? If you have an addiction problem, consider drug rehab.

Enabling addiction refers to the act of shielding or covering a drug addict from the consequences and punishments brought by an illegal use, dealing, or abuse of drugs. Another example of that is by bailing the drug addict from jail, which enables him toeither repeat the illegal action or to change for a better future. This kind of convincing or enabling addiction happens all the time across the world. Lots of people are still enabling their friends, family, relatives, and anyone else in addiction. This kind of act can be the result of mixed emotions such as anger, confusion, pity, and other else of a family member to a loved one being inside the midst of punishments and natural consequences.

Enabling addiction and behavior can result in varying effects that can either be positive or negative. It can be positive in a way where an addict is looking forward to changing the lifestyle and avoiding drugs. Or it can be negative when the addict still commits the same activity, enabling him to be punished again.

This is a tough decision that anyone can make either enabling or not their loved ones from their addiction. Some factors affect the decision of enabling anyone from addiction. One of those is the fear of consequences or punishments that can be given to an addict. The laws and rules of one’s society have their ways of giving punishments to anyone who committed a crime and brought danger to the life of other people. The fear brought by the punishments is a factor that pushes anyone to enable and protect their loved ones from the potential consequences that they might face.

Anyone who had spent a lot of time being with an addict considers the term, co-dependence. Co-dependence refers to the situation where families had lived together for years. Every day they have each other‘s back. However, when it is found out that one of the family members was involved with drugs, it can be hard for them to accept the fact, and instead, protect them from the authority. Co-dependence is also a form of sacrifice to save or keep anyone behind a case of drug addiction.

A family must learn to accept and settle with the consequences needed to be faced by an addict coming from their family. It may be hard, but that’s how the rules and laws work to uphold peace and safety among each other.

There is only one thing that represents this kind of situation: tough love is between the addict and the left family. This is one of the factors that make an increase to the uncaught drug addicts across the world. Addiction centre directories can help you find a recovery centre.