Complex Situations that Affect the Cost of Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best option for the preserving of your oral health. They restrict your jawbone from shrinking. Also, the implants are fixed deep into your jawbone and provide a strong support to the artificial teeth. Unlike the other teeth restoration options, they wouldn’t slip or move in your mouth when you eat or speak. Hence, the number of people who have implants is growing by every year.

 The average dental implants cost in Sydney lies between $5000- $7000. And it is perfectly normal to wonder if you could afford to have them. There is no fixed cost for dental implants. The price would be based on your individual needs. Thus, you cannot know how much you would have to pay without having a consultation with your dentist. There are various entities that influence the dental implants cost in Sydney like diagnostic imaging, materials, placement technique, location of the clinic and the expertise of the surgeon. Yes, you need diagnostic imaging so that your dentist can evaluate the structure and the health of your mouth.

However, some individual conditions also play a role in the overall rate. They are discussed here,

  • The health of your jawbone

If your jawbone is not strong enough for providing the required foundation for dental implants, then you would need a bone graft. During this procedure, your surgeon would place a donor bone, most probably from some other area in your body and graft it onto the jawbone with the help of a bone grafting material. Then, it is left to rest for months until the graft strengthens your jawbone and make it suitable for the placement of dental implants. This additional surgery would naturally increase the cost of dental implants.

  • Healing period

This is a crucial part of the dental implant procedure. Typically, it ranges from 3 to 9 months. However, for some patients it can last even further. Those people might want to pace a denture or bridge over the implants temporarily. This would impact your final price.

  • Rejection of the implant

This usually occurs before the bone is healed. The most common cause for this is your body rejecting an unfamiliar substance or reacting to an unknown allergy.

  • Number of implants

Some people might need to replace more than one or even their whole set of teeth. Obviously, the price increases with the number of dental implants needed.  But keep in mind that there are clinics that offer affordable dental implants in Sydney and have financing options for you. If you make use of this, the cost would become quite manageable.

Other than financing, there are many other ways to obtain cheap dental implants in Sydney. Talk with your dentist to know more about your options.