Complete Guide To Know About Anadrol Dosage and Benefits

Anadrol is one of the most widely used supplements. If you are looking for a supplement which is effective and has proven track records in muscle gain then Anadrol is the right choice.

What is Anadrol

Anadrol is a synthetic anabolic steroid and it belongs to the steroid group Dihydro testosterone (DHT). It is a very strong steroid.


It is primarily used for following

  • To treat decrease or loss of blood cells.
  • By bodybuilders for mass/muscle gain

If you are entering a competition, you should take Anadrol in the off season. This allows the Anadrol to clear out of the system prior to any test.


The ideal dosage per day is 50mg.This can also be divided into two doses of 25mg each. The starting dose for beginners is 25mg to 50mg.The highest dose is 100mg.

The best time for taking Anadrol is in the morning. In the case of two doses, it should be in the morning and evening. Anadrol takes the time to get absorbed by the body so it is better to take the second dose prior to sleep.

You should fix a time for taking Anadrol and if you can, you should take this with food. You should use Anadrol in a cycle of 4 to 6 weeks for the best results.

Andoral cycle is inflexible, so to get desired results you need to follow the regime rigorously. You should be very careful about stacking it with other supplements as it is a very strong steroid.

Women should avoid taking Anadrol and if taken, dosage should be very low.


You can buy Anadrol through online vendors. One such prominent online vendor is Steroidly, There you can get all the detailed information about many supplements and steroids. At this online store, you can purchase the drugs at the reasonable prices.

You should be careful in purchasing the supplement online so that you are not cheated and you get the genuine product.


You can take Anadrol for the following

  • To boost endurance and stamina
  • To improve breaking of protein.
  • Ensures sufficient production of Red blood cells.
  • To enhance muscle growth.

You can see visible results in 3-6 weeks. This time is dependent on the body system of the person.

Anadrol is no doubt an effective and fast acting supplement. If you want big muscles and strength then this is the ideal option. You should not take Anadrol for more than six weeks as its effect dwindles to nothing after six weeks, but in six weeks it gives excellent results.