Be comfortable in life – Wear your gym gear as everyday wear

Cute brunette working out at a gym

Wearing gym wear as everyday wear – is it really a trend or is it giving onlookers a fake lifestyle view..? With the Kardashians all over this look, it must be the latest trend sweeping all our fashionista’s wardrobes. Surely wearing comfortable clothes is a must these days for us women rushing around trying to cram in as many tasks as we can in a 24 hour day period, being comfortable yet stylish is a main priority for women of any age.

Now before you say anything gym bunnies, even our favourite fashion magazines are encouraging their readers to embrace this look outside of the gym, from what the latest celebrities are teaming up with their yoga leggings to where to buy the hottest gym styles. So thank you for inspiring the latest fashion trend gym bunnies, we salute you (and might join you in the gym studio for a class or two soon).

A great look and one of my favourites right now is teaming up simple black yoga leggings with a nice crop top, a duster coat, some mirrored sunglasses and a lick of scarlet red lipstick. Oozing sophistication – you could have just finished up at the gym, you could be popping out for some last minute shopping, a lunch date or you might have just stepped off from a flight back from a trip to Milan – the look is suitable for any occasion. Not only does it look good with trainers but you can even team it up with your favourite pair of heels for that extra bit of sophistication.

The great thing about wearing gym gear as everyday gear is that it is really easy to style and requires minimal effort – we all have gym wear hidden somewhere beneath stacks of our clothes in the wardrobe. Whip it out, dust it off and start experimenting with this look, you’ll thank me for it later..!

And if you want to refresh your gym wear, you don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds to look the part either – focus on block colours, crop tops, oversized t-shirts knotted in the front or back and sweaters, then match it with some accessories (bold earrings, a beautiful necklace, sparkly sunglasses, stylish mini backpack etc.), a great coat or jacket and lastly a great pair of trainers, heels or sandals. You can find some really nice gym wear these days, and even wear your gym crop top on a night out with the girls is acceptable. Take a look at Groupon discount codes to get some amazing gym wear that will not only make you look and feel stylish and comfortable, but will make you look like you have just stepped off the glamorous pages of the latest fashion magazines (move over Kendall, we’ve got this).

Now time to sign up to the gym, right?! *she says whilst admiring her new gym gear in the mirror.