Anabolic Steroids – Prevent Yourself from Withdrawal symptoms by Seeking Help

Taking steroids are not only common among athletes and bodybuilders, but also among people who want weight loss and derive good physique. Some prefer taking steroids under medical assistance, while others take it without consultation. Steroids have anabolic and androgenic substance that help in increasing testosterone.

These testosterones are hormones that help in developing a human body. When this hormone is increased in level, it increases the amount of male hormones thus, increasing muscle mass and other characteristics like depth in voice and hair growth.

The intake of such steroids leads to certain side effects in our body. Due to the unnatural growth of hormonal secretion, the balance between hormones gets disturbed. Doctors recommend PCT after every completion of dosage. When someone is using steroids, automatically their body decreases its production of this hormone to adjust the level of artificial testosterone in body.

Withdrawal symptom happens when you abruptly stop steroids and the natural testosterone in your body is low in level. This symptoms takes time to wipe off until the natural testosterone takes its place. Not all steroids create the duration for withdrawal symptom. The stronger the steroid the harder is the effect.

Stoppping a steroid cycle prematurely can result to withdrawal symptoms like-

  • Headache
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Lack in concentration
  • Fatigue
  • Reduction in sex drive
  • Loss of weight and appetite

This is why doctors do not recommend any dosage for a longer span of time. They break the cycle and if they have to stop any medication it is not done abruptly. Gradually, the dosage is reduced and finally it is taken off. Apart from that, doctors also recommend post cycle therapy so that if there is any internal damage that has occurred will go off gradually.

Depending upon the overuse or misuse of anabolic steroid, individuals experience depression or sometimes also get suicidal thoughts. Thus, withdrawal symptoms can either last for few days or for few weeks. The symptoms occur after few days of completion of dosage. It will start with mild headaches and nausea.

After few days the symptoms reaches its height. Now the victim will suffer with joints and muscles pain which will lead to loss of appetite. Now, since many days have passed may be after second or third week the side effects starts to decline, bringing back a person to normal life.

Hence, it is necessary to avoid such serious issues a person should be under a registered doctor or physical expert. Some people are also advised behavioral therapy, after completion of cycle.