A Guide to Buying the Right Bread Toaster for Your Needs

 Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it the only meal that influences how efficiently you work for the rest of the day. If you want your mornings to be healthy, you definitely need to start every day with crispy, hot and buttered toasts. You can easily top up these toasts with healthy veggies, peanut butter or omelettes and make it a complete breakfast. If you want to go the healthy way with toasts every morning, you definitely need to buy a bread toaster. Here’s a guide that can help you buy the best toaster.

Check the Settings

The basic toasters come with fundamental modes like medium, dark and light. These are the settings you need for your basic toasting needs. However, the latest models come equipped with 5 modes of toasting to help you get the right flavour. Understand your needs in this regards and choose a toaster accordingly.

Size Matters

This is one of the most important factors to consider before buying a toaster. Consider the ideal size of the bread toaster. Check how big the slots are. How much counter space is available for a toaster? If you want to toast bread slices that are larger than the usual slice, then find a toaster that provides slots that are large enough. Large countertop toasters will also be useful for making pizzas, cookies etc.

Easy Maintenance

Any cooking appliance that can make your kitchen tasks easy should not be demanding on the maintenance front. So, look for a bread toaster that can be easily maintained. When it comes to toasters, the breadcrumbs left behind on the base of the appliance are difficult to clean. Many advanced toasters come with a removable crumb tray, thereby making it absolutely easy to clean.  Ensure that the toaster you opt to buy comes with such a feature.

Consider the Cost

The price of pop-up toasters varies based on the brand you prefer to go with and the type of models available in the market. Based on your needs and budget, choose the perfect toaster that can serve your daily requirements.

Durability and Warranty

The durability of the appliance is a very important consideration. Check out the online reviews about how good the toaster is from the existing customers. The reputation of the brand also matters. Few toasters come with an extra warranty that provides peace of mind to its customers. One of the common myths about toasters is – “The higher the price, the more durable the product is,” which is not always true.

These are some of the basic things to be kept in mind while choosing a bread toaster for your daily breakfast needs. This appliance would be the best bet to give your daily boring breakfast a healthy twist. You can toast the bread slices in no time and top it up with different flavours every day – for example, if you use jam on one day, you can apply butter on the other. You can also make a basic sandwich by placing fresh cucumber, onion and tomato in between two bread slices. The variations are absolutely endless. Making a healthy breakfast every day will now be faster and convenient.