6 Finest Foods You Must-Taste in Raja Ampat Island

Raja Ampat Island is not saturated to discuss. Because there’s a separate paradise, that’s so eye-catching. Local and global tourists know a lot. Pure panorama there, that’s amazing. Makes Raja Ampat be a unique destination for visitors.

Nature in Raja Ampat remains beautiful naturally, along with the coolness. That’s given will improve your happiness. But this time, it will not touch on natural tourism. But preferably the typical cuisine of Raja Ampat. Culinary in Raja Ampat that will surely make the holiday more fun and impressive! Here are the best foods in Raja Ampat that you can taste.

  1. Sago Caterpillar Satay

This traditional Raja Ampat cuisine is a little frightening. As it is made from caterpillar sago trees for people around this particular culinary. They’re so liked and used to appreciate it. However, you need to know that this typical culinary includes a high level of protest. This high nutritional value is precisely what. You have to enjoy it. Although it does seem scary, it’s just this that confirms mentality. When seeing Raja Ampat, it is mandatory to taste this typical cuisine.

  1. Manokwari Grilled Fish

The next typical Raja Ampat culinary is Manokwari grilled fish. Indeed, the components are served in sea solutions. This fish is a high source of protein to the fresh body fish washed with water. Additionally, it’s traditionally burnt because it’s expected to keep the freshness of the fish. Typically, the fish used is in the kind of tuna.

  1. Wrapped Fish

The upcoming culinary specialty of Raja Ampat is Papua fish. This distinctive food utilizes the necessary sea fish ingredients, which are sprinkled with tasty Raja Ampat spices. Furthermore, given a flavoring of bay leaves that will produce the dish a lot better. It’s this natural ingredient that keeps this particular culinary content. From being available. Guaranteed taste produced isn’t inferior to Ikang wrap in different regions.


  1. Papeda

The upcoming typical Raja Ampat cuisine is papeda. This distinctive dish is made of sago. This sort of fish is called delicious. And has a high nutritional value. Sago isn’t only served separately. But, there are other developments, namely tuna. The best way to cook it is relatively easy. Cleaned fish is cooked with many different natural herbs. A combination of turmeric in this dish. Will make the fruit yellow. Of course, this broth will produce the tongue shake. To immediately enjoy it. For this reason. When seeing Raja Ampat, it is incomplete without appreciating this papeda.

  1. Sago Martabak

Hearing the word Marbatak is not overseas. Because almost everyone has tried. Raja Ampat presents different dignity than other areas and is just there. This dignity is made of sago that has been mashed. Then, mixed with sugar and fried.

Sago is famous for its flavorful taste. That will make Martabak more kicking when enjoyed. Additionally, the ingredients average of Raja Ampat is also present in this dish. Of course, when visiting Raja Ampat, you must enjoy the dignity of sago.

  1. Cheating Crabs

This familiar Raja Ampat cuisine does sound intriguing. It’s this unique name that makes people interested in this cuisine. This name can be obtained in the raw material. Which already has claws. Thus, it’s considered cheating crabs. In cooking. Shrimp can be achieved boiled, fried, or broiled. The delicious taste of shrimp will make your holiday much more memorable.

That’s it! It’s highly recommended to try all foods in the list above. Let’s visit Raja Ampat soon! Find out more about Raja Ampat by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.