5 Ways To Look After Your Mental Well-Being During A Pandemic

As the pandemic started and the government implemented lockdown in different parts of the Philippines, only one person per household can go out and buy essentials to prevent interaction with other people that would cause the widespread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the country. With this situation, a lot of establishments shut down, and other employees lost their jobs. Also, students started to attend classes online that make underprivileged children suffer to cope with the new set up of learning.

The situations mentioned are affecting every individual’s mental health – of all ages. Young or old, rich or poor, everyone is suffering anxiety and depression because the pandemic limits people to socialize and talk to other people to release the stress inside the household.

Self-love and care by protecting yourself from suffering anxiety and depression during this pandemic are the least you can do for yourself. There would be no one that can uplift you in a situation like this but yourself. Peacefulness in your mind is one of the best things that everyone should prioritize.

Why do you have to prioritize mental health?

A lot of people have been feeling down lately. News is informing the public about suicide incidents caused by depression. Depression happens in all ages. There are no exemptions when mental health is being affected. It would be better to practice behaviors to prevent the occurrence of anxiety and depression that can ruin your well-being.

Prioritizing your mental health over other things is considerable and understandable because it is not easy to fight silent battles alone. Looking for ways to refrain from being anxious and depressed due to the present situation can save you. These ways can boost your well-being. Eating healthy foods, digital or social media rest, exercising, getting enough sleep, and socializing with your close friends and family are the best and advisable behaviors you can practice at home to take care of your well-being.

In the Philippines, consulting mental health professionals is quite expensive unless you refer yourself to hospitals that are up for free consultation. Getting health insurance PHis the best option to lessen the expenses when you need to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist for your mental health condition. When in doubt about which health insurance to avail of, you can visit a website that shows health insurance comparisons in the Philippinesfor you to be able to finalize your decision about it. In that way, you can protect your well-being and save financial expenses that might become an issue that will trigger stress on you.

This infographic by helps you learn more about the five best practices to boost your well-being.