4 Exercises To Help You Sculpt Your Beach Body

As beach season is fast approaching, you may be wondering how you can quickly sculpt that body to get it “beach ready”. It’s only natural to want to look great in your swimsuit as you enjoy the fun in the sun, and luckily there are bootcamp programs and other exercise programs available that can sculpt your beach body in time for summer. 

Aside from programs, there are also some great exercises that can sculpt your beach body in a short period of time. With helpful guidance and by implementing the right types of exercises to target those key areas so many may neglect to pay much attention to during the rest of the year, you can use these exercises to help sculpt the perfect summer bod. 

Some exercises are more effective at focusing on the typical target zones that many are concerned with when they get into their summer gear. The good news is there are some exercises that can yield fast results in these areas.

This is an overview of four exercises for different beach body target areas that can help you in sculpting the body you want this summer:

  1. The exercise known as the Monkey Row, which is described in this Fitness Magazine article, can help you target your triceps and biceps, and you can also add an extra step to engage the core muscles.
  1. To sculpt the hips and butt region, the article describes how to do the Booty Swirl.
  1. To reach the core, back, and thighs, the plank exercise is a third exercise to incorporate in your sculpting routine.
  2.  Finally, cardio is a crucial type of exercise to burn calories and will greatly assist in sculpting your entire beach body. Some great forms of cardio may include jogging, participating in a high-intensity exercise bootcamp, or joining a fun group cycling class. 

For the classes and if in a time crunch, you may want to consider a pay-as-you-go gym like Striation 6 here in Toronto. If you are focused on getting your body sculpted for the summer season that is right around the corner, a pay-as-you-go gym may be better suited for you now rather than committing to the year long contract that is typically required at many gyms. It is great to find one that can help you get ready now. And if it works, then you can certainly stay on. If it does not work for the summer body you want soon, then it is good to not get locked down now into a yearly gym membership. 

A pay-as-you-go gym here in Toronto may also be great for those who are unsure if they are properly doing the exercises that will help them achieve the look they’re after. It can be greatly beneficial to work with a professional on this to best target the areas that you want to sculpt. While the internet is helpful, it is speaking to the masses and you may get frustrated spending time on an exercise that you are either doing incorrectly or that simply does not provide the results that you are hoping for given your body type. 

There you have it: by doing the Monkey Row, Booty Swirl, plank exercise and cardio, all in the comfort and flexibility of a pay-as-you-go gym, you’ll have that beach bod in no time.