Learn More About Thai Massage Before Opting For Thai Massage Training

Mostly defined as Thai yoga massage, this particular Thai massage is termed as an ancient technique, which helps in combining acupressure, massage, Ayurvedic principles and assisted yoga. There are some trained Thai massage therapists ready to offer you with the best massaging sessions, to relief your body from pain. The therapists use stretches and also compression techniques for improving muscle mobility and blood flow. If you want to be one such therapist, you need to get your hands on thai massage training first. Once you are sure of the available services and options, you can move forward for the best deals around here.

More on Thai massage:

Unlike any other form of western massage, this Thai massage is mainly performed on floor mat. The client will also remain fully clothed, making it perfect for women as well. There is no use of oil or lotion for this service. It is mainly a combination of rhythmic and static stretches, rocking motions and compressions, which are performed along some of the set lines, visualized on the set body. These lines are termed as “sen” lines and are mostly similar to that of the traditional Chinese energy services or meridians.

In-depth sessions are available:

Thai massage session is mostly termed to be in-depth in nature and the running time is between 9 and 120 minutes long, on an average scale. During the said session, the client will be moved into various positions for facilitating stretching. The therapist is then going to apply pulls or pressure into passive stretch.  The therapists might sometimes use their feet for applying pressure, as it is a common part of Thai Massage. This helps in stabilizing body pressure and offer resistance during any kind of stretch. They are able to perform southern or northern style, as two of the major styles of Thai massage.