Who is the correct candidate for bariatric surgery?

Is bariatric surgery suitable and recommendable for all, has been a moot question since long. Just like all dieting and working out routines are not meant for everybody, this surgery is not something to experiment with mindlessly. There are certain conditions one must look for before approaching a bariatric surgeon.

  • A person more than 100 pounds overweight:

BMI reading is one of the indicators for deciding if the person is suitable for bariatric surgery or not. A person who is more than 100 pounds overweight is found to have BMI more than or equal to 40. This condition definitely needs immediate attention and to control the probable development of the diseases caused due to it, decision of bariatric surgery is considered worth taking. To understand this point in practical sense, you can consider a person 5’10” in height weighing 290 lbs or above; this person is suitable for treatment with bariatric surgery.

  • Person suffering from obesity linked diseases:

Any person who has BMI more than or equal to 35 and is suffering from obesity linked morbid diseases like sleep apnea, liver diseases of non-alcoholic fatty nature, lipid abnormalities, type II diabetes, hypertension, etc can be provided apt relief with the help of bariatric surgery. Click here to find out more about the ways such diseases can be controlled with the surgery option.

  • A person not getting any benefits from the weight loss efforts:

When all possible attempts to lose weight turn futile, even after following the diet and workout plan religiously, one can take the advice and help of bariatric surgeon.

So, find out if taking the risk of bariatric surgery is worth or not and then evaluate your decision. Once you have made up your mind, it is advisable to have only approved and qualified doctors for the job.