Eye Exercises for Myopia in Singapore: Do They Work

Myopia is an eye condition which causes your eye’s shape to make light rays refract or bend incorrectly. This way, the images get focused in front of the retina instead of being focused on it making it difficult for you to see objects at a distance.

Myopia often runs in families, so you may be at risk of developing myopia if you have a family history of the disorder. If you’re considering treatments in Singapore, your eye doctor can help you determine if you have myopia in Singapore through a basic eye exam.

Is it Possible to Cure Myopia Naturally?

If you feel that this condition impacts your productivity, performance, or quality of life, your doctor may recommend treatment for myopia. Singapore is one of the regions you may consider for comprehensive eye exams and treatments to correct your myopia.

Note that there isn’t a specific treatment that can treat myopia fully. Therefore, the treatment options your eye doctor will recommend for you will only help correct your vision.

Therefore, you cannot cure myopia naturally. You can only correct your vision so you can see objects more clearly.

 If you have a myopia condition that bothers you, you must have come across eye exercise recommendations that claim to cure myopia naturally. Again these eye exercises will not cure your myopia.

Instead, they can help you manage eye strain and fatigue that are due to this condition. Besides, there is no concrete evidence supporting eye exercises as a reliable correction mechanism for myopia in Singapore. Therefore it is less likely that your eye specialist would recommend eye exercises for your myopia.

What is the Link between Eye Exercises and Myopia?

The eye exercises may help manage the fatigue and strain that come with myopia because your eye is just like a muscle. Therefore, by exercising it, you improve blood circulation, muscle tone and strengthen your eyes as well.

This way, it can help you reduce eye strain and get your best possible vision. Besides the eye exercises can also help you manage complications like headaches due to eye strain, especially if your myopia is left untreated.

Leaving myopia untreated so you can do eye exercises isn’t also a wise idea. It may increase your risks of suffering other severe vision complications like retinal detachment that may make you go blind.

With that being said, if you are suffering from vision complications that you believe are due to nearsightedness, make arrangements to get the treatments for myopia in Singapore. It is, basically, worth investing in the corrective treatments instead of letting the disorder advance and cause other conditions that will leave you with permanent vision loss.

Therefore, you can only use eye exercises as a way of improving your general eye health. If you’re considering eye exercises to improve your vision, here are a few exercises that you may find helpful.

  • Tracing Figure 8: This is a simple eye exercise that can help improve your eye health. To perform it, you will need to choose a comfortable location in a room. After that, select a location on the floor and begin using your eyes in tracing figure 8. Do it for 30 seconds and then change directions.
  • 20:20:20 Rule: This eye exercise is also simple. You will need to relax for 20 minutes and then take 20-second breaks focusing on a specific object located at least 20 feet away from you to reduce visual fatigue.
  • Room Scanning: This is a relaxing eye exercise that can help you enhance mindfulness. For this exercise, you will need to select a comfortable place in a corner. When in that location, scan the entire room, focus on the objects in that room, and visualize those that are far and near.
  • Changing Focus: For this exercise, you will need to challenge your focus. You can achieve this by holding your finger just a few inches away from your eye. While in this position, maintain focus as you slowly move the finger away from your face. Move the finger back to your eye as you maintain focus on it.

Can Vitamin A Reduce Myopia?

Vitamin A comes with several ocular benefits and can be great in protecting your child against childhood blindness. However, it doesn’t seem to stop myopia progression. According to this study, there is no evidence that suggests that reduced vitamin A intake may increase your risks of becoming myopic.

Again if you’re focusing on reducing your myopia in Singapore, your best bet is working with an eye doctor to help you correct this condition.  Depending on factors like your age, the severity of your condition and treatment preferences, etc., they may recommend any of these treatments;

  • Laser eye surgery: In this treatment, the eye specialist will use a laser to reshape your eye’s corneal tissue. This will help correct the refractive error to improve your vision.
  • Use of prescription lenses or eyeglasses: If your ophthalmologist prescribes prescription lenses for your myopia in Singapore, you will need to use them regularly to sharpen your vision. They work by bending the light to ensure that it focuses properly on your retina’s focal point.
  • Orthokeratology: This treatment for myopia may be recommended if you’re seeking treatment for your child suffering from nearsightedness. Studies show that it can help slow down myopia development among children by an average of 36 percent to 56 percent. It involves using gas-permeable contact lenses to help reshape your eyeball only temporarily as you sleep. The lenses would need to be removed in the morning.
  • Use of atropine eye drops: Atropine eye drops may also be recommendable if you’re helping your child find treatment for myopia in Singapore. Studies show that it can help slow down myopia progression among children by 50 to 60 percent. There may still be a need for the child to use contact lenses or eyeglasses, though.
  • Use of multifocal contact lenses and glasses: Again, this treatment option for myopia in Singapore may be ideal if you’re seeking treatment for your child. It can help slow down myopia progression in a child by around 25 percent to 31 percent.

Should I Wear Glasses all the Time for Myopia?

It isn’t really mandatory that you wear your glasses all the time. If your eye specialist prescribed them for managing your myopia in Singapore, you would need to wear them only when you need them.

There are concerns that using your nearsightedness glasses all the time may encourage your myopia to worsen. Therefore, it may only be necessary to wear them when necessary.

In Summation

Eye exercises do not help with myopia. They only help improve your eye’s health. If you have any more inquiries about myopia, book your consultation with our team today and get all of them addressed.

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