The purest CBD extract comes in crystals

Companies developing products infused with cannabidiol (CBD) are always looking for new ways to enjoy the healthy cannabis compound and its health benefits. In the growing family of CBD products, rising in popularity are CBD crystals.

According to Herb, CBD crystals are made from the purified extracts of the cannabinoid extract. It has become a buzz recently as it is concentrated with CBD, making it the purest form of the cannabinoid. In fact, CBD crystals are 98-99 percent isolated CBD compound.

This means users of the product can enjoy the benefits of CBD in small volumes of the concentrate. All the benefits of CBD including pain and inflammation relief, the anti-cancer properties, and other health benefits, will be present in a few milligrams of the product.

CBD crystal dabs vs other CBD products

CBD crystals, oils, and e-liquids all contain high amounts of cannabidiol but each presents their own unique benefit.

For those who want to get the nutritional ingredients present in hemp oil like omega 3 and antioxidants, CBD oils are best for you, says Enecta. This product is also commonly used as additives in recipes and has since become a favored ingredient in the kitchens of CBD enthusiasts.

On the other hand, CBD e-liquids are used solely for vape pens. As such, users get a purer concentration of CBD, almost comparable to crystal dabs. However, unlike the two earlier forms of the extract, CBD e-liquids aren’t edible, which limits their range of use.

CBD crystals bring the best of both CBD e-liquids and CBD oils. The highly concentrated form of the compound is a versatile product that can be used for vaping and cooking. Alternatively, a popular method of enjoying CBD crystals is through called dabbing.

CBD crystal dabs

Dabbing CBD crystals is similar to vaping them. Instead of a vape pen, however, it requires the use of a special apparatus. According to Enecta, this apparatus is a container where the CBD crystals are placed and heated up to a very high temperature until the resulting vapor can be inhaled.

Its versatility and purity have pushed the need for more variations of CBD crystals. One company that answers this demand is the main subsidiary of PotNetwork Holding, Inc.’s (OTCMKTS: POTN), Diamond CBD.

Known for its wide array of products, Diamond CBD is able to produce and distribute some of the best CBD-infused merchandise to date. Among their best sellers is their CBD Crystal Dabs line which is one of the purest in the market.

Their CBD crystal selection comes in 3 distinct varieties. The regular CBD Crystal Dab is CBD oil isolate powder with 99 per concentration. As compared to the other two varieties, it is finer.

CBD Crystal Crumble Dabs, on the other hand, are slightly bulkier versions of the CBD Crystal Dab. It retains the same amount of CBD and it can be used in several ways as well.

Finally, the company offers CBD Crystal Rock Dabs. This special product boasts the purest CBD concentrate in the industry, meaning its users get the most CBD out of any other product in the market.

The company’s CBD crystal selection gives customers the chance to explore the world of highly concentrated CBD in varying shapes and sizes. Their extensive and top-quality products make them a trusted brand in the CBD community.