Can Vacuum Massage Cure Cellulite?

It has been for ages that the vacuum theory has been used to treat cellulite. You can read more about vacuum cellulite treatment on eCellulitis. No matter who you are, in terms of health – how healthy or unhealthy you are, that is – vacuum therapy can and will work for you.

Hundreds of years back in China people used bamboo sticks in order to cure themselves of various kinds of diseases. Vacuum therapy works on the principle of negative pressure when it is applied to a certain part of your skin or any other body part for that matter.

In this therapy, the skin gets sucked inside the cavity of the cap and this increases the blood flow.

Uses of vacuum therapy

Massage therapy can be called one of the greatest applications of vacuum therapy. As you would know by now that when vacuum therapy is applied to a part of the body blood flow increases to that part of the body.

When vacuum therapy is combined with massage it is known as vacuum massage. As far as improving blood circulation in our body is concerned massage therapy plays a major role. It is because of the vacuum effect that such massage is so effective as a form of treatment.

Vacuum massage is also helpful when it comes to helping with the process of detoxification in your body. It helps you to get rid of the cellulite in your body that comes out in the form of sweat. At times, they may also come out in the shape of sebaceous glands.

Comparison with a vacuum cleaner

In a way, vacuum massage can be compared to a vacuum cleaner that you use in order to clean your house. A good vacuum cleaner would not only gather dust from the floor but it would also do away with the dust particles that are hidden in the deepest abscesses of the thick carpet or other parts of your house such as the mattresses.

Similarly, vacuum massage would be able to clean your skin and would also expunge the toxic cellulite in your body that can be so harmful to the entire system as such. It will remove the dead skin cells in your body as well. This cleaning process would definitely make you look a lot longer as well as healthier.

Limitless applications

It would be a mistake to think that there are only some parts of the skin where you can apply the vacuum massage. It can be done on different parts of your skin with results that would be varied and yet successful. For example, it can be said that if you applied vacuum massage on your back it could do wonders for your spine.

It will also make sure that your disc is properly nourished – the same goes for your vertebra as well. As a result, your health would improve substantially and this is especially applicable for people who may be suffering from arthritis as well as other forms of disc related problems.