Decompression Treatment Can Be Effective for Neck and Shoulder Pain

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Neck and shoulder pain are common problems that affect millions of people in the United States. In many cases, work tasks and repetitive motions cause small injuries that gradually become worse over time. Recreational activities can also cause damage to body structures that result in chronic or intermittent pain. Dr. Melanie Kinchen has helped many patients with neck and shoulder problems, allowing them to return to their work duties and recreational activities with less pain and better function.

Common Neck Pain Problems

Many people experience neck pain from auto accident injuries, athletic activities and work tasks. Pain generally occurs when the discs that cushion the vertebrae of the upper spine become compressed, putting pressure on nerves that connect to the head and neck. The problem can be aggravated by holding the neck in the same position throughout the day, such as when working at the computer. Bracing, exercises and pain medications can help to relieve some of the discomfort. In some cases, physical therapy may be necessary to strengthen supporting muscles of the neck and shoulders. For severe problems, decompression surgery is used to remove bone growths and repair spinal structures.

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Common Shoulder Pain Problems

Similarly, the shoulder joint can experience repetitive stress injuries or severe tears of muscles and ligaments. These injuries can cause poor function in the shoulder joint, or “frozen shoulder,” a type of impingement that makes any movement involving the shoulder joint very painful. Although conservative treatment using medication and physical therapy can provide some relief from discomfort, decompression surgery may be needed to remove bone fragments that inhibit normal movement of the joint.

Decompression Procedures To Relieve Pain

Surgical decompression procedures have a high rate of success in relieving pain that involves pressure on nerve roots and damaged spinal discs. The procedure can involve expanding the openings where nerve roots enter the spinal cord, removal of bone spurs and sometimes the removal of damaged areas of discs. In some cases, the decompression is combined with fusion of bones to stabilize the neck structure. Shoulder decompression surgery involves similar procedures and may also involve removal of the coracoacromial ligament. Physical therapy is often recommended after surgery.

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