Benefits of Physiotherapy for the Elderly

Our body undergoes a lot of changes as we grow older. These psychological and physical changes may include a decrease in bone density, increased body fat and reduced muscle strength. Elderly people may also experience poor coordination and stiffness in the joints, which causes lack of mobility and balance.

As a result, the older crowd around us is often seen vulnerable. Since these issues have a great impact on daily activities, doctors often recommend physiotherapy. Physiotherapists can properly assess the condition and underlying issues and help patients maintain their health. 

Let us, therefore, check out a few benefits of physiotherapy for the elderly.

  • Improved strength and mobility

It is needless to say that some of the most severe issues that the elder people face is that of mobility. As the muscles tighten and bones weaken with age, mobility becomes difficult. A skilled physiotherapist can offer advice on how to safely and effectively exercise, so that older people can regain their balance and mobility. These exercises are also meant to strengthen the bones and muscles, which helps in the overall coordination of muscles. Improved mobility is one significant way in which older people can benefit from physiotherapy.

  • Treating cardiopulmonary conditions

A healthy heart is key to a healthy lifestyle and vice versa! This is why doctors recommend eating healthy and working out. In the elderly, however, the chances of heart attacks are higher. Cardiopulmonary conditions associated with older people include heart attacks, myocardial infarction, COPD, etc. Such problems can be avoided by physiotherapy by increasing endurance and functional independence. 

  • Treating neurological conditions

Our bodily functions deteriorate as we age. This is why conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, brain injuries or strokes are quite common in the elderly population. Physiotherapy can help these patients adapt to the changes and impairments in vision, mobility and balance, so that the patients can carry out their daily tasks comfortably. Neurological conditions can thus be treated with the help of physiotherapy. However, one must do a bit of research while choosing a Physiotherapist. 

In this regard, Integral performance physio offers reliable services meant to alleviate pain by thorough assessment of underlying conditions.

Other common conditions in older people such as arthritis, joint pains, fractures and osteoporosis can also be treated with the help of physiotherapy. The mobility and fitness can be improved, even restored with the right form of treatment.