How to Use Biotin Tablets for Hair Growth

On a quest for healthier and more luscious locks? Let’s face it, who isn’t?

You may already have heard of the popular vitamin biotin and how beneficial it can be for encouraging hair growth and reducing hair loss. Not only is taking biotin good for your hair, it also has various other health benefits and has been proven to benefit your skin and nails. What’s not to love?

Biotin can be taken in the form of a tablet supplement, but you can also increase your intake by consuming some of the many biotin foods out there.

Biotin supplements have been a long-time aid for those who are looking to grow their hair more quickly, or those who are trying to deal with hair loss or thinning hair. If you haven’t yet heard of taking biotin for hair before or are looking to find out more about how this one vitamin can help with your hair, read on to learn more about its benefits.

First Things First, What Exactly is Biotin?

In Ancient Greek, the word ‘biotin’ literally translates to ‘life’, and this is where this powerful vitamin gets its name from. Biotin is a part of the vitamin B family and is a water-soluble vitamin. It’s sometimes called vitamin H, but most commonly referred to as biotin. Once ingested, it works swiftly to help to convert food nutrients into energy in our body. In recent times, it’s become more and more popular for the benefits it can provide for your hair, skin, and nails.

So, how do you know if you are biotin deficient? A lack of vitamin H has been known to result in hair loss or even a slightly scaly red rash. It is quite rare to have a biotin deficiency though, as many of the foods that we most commonly consume within our daily diets tend to have enough in them to get us by. However, an increased intake of biotin may be required for those of us who are hoping to use it to stimulate our hair growth.

Biotin and Hair

It has widely been claimed that hair growth can be stimulated by the long-term use of biotin. Many individuals suffering from thinning hair or hair loss have raved about the benefits that a daily biotin supplement has had on their hair over a period of time. But, how exactly does it manage to help with hair growth?

The science behind the positive effect of biotin on hair growth is as follows: It reacts with our cell enzymes once ingested and plays a big part in the production of amino acids which build up our protein. Keratin is the primary protein that makes up your hair. Therefore, biotin can improve the keratin infrastructure within your body, which results in hair growth.

How Much Biotin Do I Need To Take For Hair Growth?

Hair grows best based on various lifestyle factors. When you have a diet that provides you with an adequate mix of vitamins, take proper care of your hair, and lead a life with low levels of stress, you’re much less likely to suffer from hair loss.  Since many people may not be following a lifestyle that ticks all these boxes, taking biotin can help their hair reach its full growth potential.

A daily biotin supplement could be just what you need to reduce the negative impact that a stressful life, poor diet, and inadequate hair care can have on your hair growth potential. If you’re unsure about the specific dosage that you should take on a daily basis, your doctor or pharmacist will be able to help advise you.

How Long Until I See The Results of Taking Biotin For Hair?

In order to see any noticeable benefits for your hair, it is recommended that you consistently increase your biotin intake for a few months at least. There is limited research around this but studies have shown that you can see results in as soon as 90 days.

If you’re increasing your intake through supplements rather than switching up your diet to include more biotin foods, then make sure you consistently take your tablets daily. Consistency will be key to seeing progress, and you’re much more likely to see better results the longer you keep taking them.