Hair Loss

Understanding Male Pattern Baldness – Things You Must Know About It

Hair loss is a natural process where your scalp sheds weak and fragile hair, giving way to a new one to grow. Nevertheless, recent times have seen a drastic increase in the rate of hair loss, causing the hair volume to decrease. One such type of hair loss that has afflicted men throughout the world is male pattern baldness.

The hair fall is related to hormone imbalance in men, thus leading to the scalp shedding hair in a particular region. Many other reasons also lead to the condition. A typical feature to note in this form of hair loss is that once lost; it does not grow back, leaving a patch of scalp visible.

A quick take on facts related to male pattern baldness –

  • The form of baldness has been distressing men psychologically, thus lowering their confidence.
  • It leads them to go for a variety of treatments, with unsatisfying results.
  • Also known as Androgenetic Alopecia, this form of baldness is expected to occur in later life due to changing level of hormone.
  • Nevertheless, with changing lifestyle, today’s youths are also suffering from this condition.
  • There are many other causes of hair loss, with infections and nutritional deficiencies taking the top place after hormonal imbalance.

Primary causes of premature hair loss

As against old age when baldness occurs due to hormonal changes, its occurrence in youths has been found to be a result of various other reasons.

  • Heavy intake of medicines like blood thinners and steroids has been found to be a primary cause of increasing male pattern baldness.
  • High dosage consumption of vitamin A also leads to the condition.
  • Stress has also been among the prevailing reasons leading to baldness.
  • People undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments even lose hair at a growing rate.
  • An unbalanced diet like too much consumption of vitamin A or less intake of iron causes excessive hair loss, leading to baldness.

How effective are medicinal treatments in curing the condition?

Baldness in men does not have a permanent cure – says science. It can only be regulated by consuming medications, with many having long term side effects. For long, men administered with these medications have developed health conditions like obesity, hypertension, etc.

Also, since there’s not been a permanent cure, people started shifting to alternative treatments that have brought remarkable results.

Alternative treatments for baldness in men:


Also known as scalp micropigmentation, this treatment is a fast-growing alternative procedure helping out men who have gone bald. Not just that, the treatment is also effective for people whose hair volume has thinned out alarmingly.

The method is extensively being used to relieve people of their thinning hair. It has also been extremely helpful in bringing back the lost confidence of both men and women.

Hair tattooing –

Another procedure that has given an alternative option for bald men to keep their self-esteem high is hair tattooing. A process similar to scalp micropigmentation, hair tattooing efficiently covers up any visible scars or bald patches with attractive designs.

Other alternative options available include hair transplant, laser treatment, etc. For these treatments, it’s best to approach experienced practitioners at a reputed clinic so that you get the best solution for baldness.