Making Choices in Life to Create Happiness 

Everyone wants to be happy. It becomes dream of all people to live happily without any sorrow and sadness. However, life is like spectrum of emotions. It is impossible to fill all whole day with happiness. There can be worry, sadness, fear, and anxiety, and other kinds of emotions. These things can happen and appear as someone deals with each activity or event. Even, mood can easily change due to the surrounding. That is why it is not something easy to get the full dose of happiness for the whole day. However, it is not something impossible. In the end, happiness is a choice

This may sound strange. Happiness can come in everyone’s life. It may be like a blessing granted by the Almighty. However, it is not fully true. In fact, everyone can choose whether they want to be happy or not, and it can start from something simple to things that are more sophisticated to know. The choice that people make everyday can determine the happiness. Of course, there can be many factors that make things hard in making the choice since people live in the world with various variables. Some unexpected things can occur, and it may affect the choice in making happiness. However, it is still the matter of choice. At least, when hardship emerges, people can choose how they should respond it and it will surely lead to the happiness. 

In making the choices, it is surely not something easy. It is not as easy as choosing what you want to eat in the menu lists. Sometimes, great efforts are necessary to get the happiness. In this case, there are some points that can be followed in order to make choice of happiness. Firstly, it is to choose gratitude. Some people may miss this aspect and they will try to keep pursuing something that seems endless. In fact, when people start to learn appreciating things and feel the gratitude, things can be better. It can start from looking for things that they are grateful for. It is as simple as choosing the favorite fragrant of perfume or choosing the best song to boost the mood. With these two external factors, good vibes can be obtained. Then, it will be great when it is combined with the positivity. It is always necessary to think and see things positively. Looking for the bright and positive sides of everything will create soothing sensation, and it leads to happiness. Even during sad moment, there still can be positive sides to see. 

Next, it is to smile. Choosing to smile is something simple, but it can create big changes. Smile becomes natural reaction when someone is happy, and in fact smiles can trigger happiness itself. Somehow, smile has its own magic since it can affect others easily. It is like creating a snowball effect. Surely, when someone sees other smile, it can make them happier even when there are some problems to face. The vibes coming from the smiling face surely boost the mood to the higher level. Smiling to stranger and other people generously is surely good way to create happiness in heart and provide the surrounding with better vibes. 

When you bask in simple pleasures, you would treasure the memories with your loved ones. Look forward to having a hearty laugh on silly jokes. Cherish the warm days or starry nights. These ties would bind and provide you the memorable times. Rest assured that happiness is within your grasp. However, at times it could be out of your reach. Understand what works best for you. It would be the initial step to find happiness more often.