Holistic Recovery at Drug Treatment Centre Los Angeles

Drug and alcohol addiction are the main causes of social vices and we here at Drug Treatment Centre in Los Angeles are committed to bringing about true change in the lives of the addicted ones. We provide an all-around approach to the Drug Treatment Center Los Angeles thereby creating a safe environment for clients to break free from addiction.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program is aimed at helping those who are transitioning from a residential treatment facility have more flexibility when it comes to attending to their school or work responsibilities. At this level of care, clients undergo a 4-hour program in which we aim to create a solid foundation for clients. This prepares them to transition smoothly t the next stage which is less intensive. These sessions last for 3-5 days a week.

Every client is unique and has differing circumstance and backgrounds. With this in mind, we maintain a small client to clinician ration so that a person gets the best-personalized care. The treatment plans are reviewed each week by our members of the clinical team. During this period, clients are welcomed to give feedback so that we can make any necessary adjustment.

The Admission Process at Drug Treatment Centre Los Angeles

Seeking treatment for a loved one or for yourself requires courage and can be an emotional process. We appreciate the fact that individuals come out to seek help need empathy. At Nexus recovery center we have a team of compassionate and experienced recovery advisors who will guide you on the steps needed to be admitted into our program.

We aim at providing the necessary help and treatment needed for anyone who enrolls in our treatment program. We can only admit those whom we have established will benefit from our tools and resources. If we feel that a client would be best fitted elsewhere, we will advise accordingly. However, we are always ready to provide useful referrals where clients can access other reputable programs or a higher form of care.

Aspects of Intensive Outpatient Program

  • Coordination with psychiatrists: we have a team of reputable and experienced psychiatrists who will assess your needs and offer medications depending on your underlying mental health conditions.
  • Individual therapy: an individual therapist will be assigned to meet with you on a weekly basis. These sessions provide a client with the chance to talk about any hindrances to his recovery and also provide opportunities to fortify emotional skills.
  • Family therapy: the participation of family members in these group sessions helps them learn how to support their loved ones as they move from each of the treatment stages.
  • Group therapy: these sessions are held daily and may also focus on the physical health of a client. Clients are trained in vital life skills, relapse prevention and are taught on the benefits of recovery.
  • Case management: as a client progresses, the sessions become less intensive as the case manager monitors his treatment plan and makes arrangement for discharge. He may be referred to a sober living environment so that the necessary support is given even after completing treatment with us.

Other Services

There are psychoeducation and experiential groups which clients are also encouraged to attend at our facility. These groups enable the client to strengthen relationships and encourage self-determination. Clients may explore other holistic treatments such as Chinese medicine, yoga or mindfulness groups. We also help clients access holistic services at Nexus such as acupuncture.

We cannot underestimate the power of community involvement as this is the main way we foster a compassionate approach to the treatment process. Clients are encouraged to demonstrate a high level of responsibility through participation in the internship program. One can also become a Big Brother to new entrants to the facility.

Spiritual counseling in the Intensive Outpatient Program makes it possible for clients to focus on the practices they learned during the initial phases. A client takes time to develop personal qualities such as gratitude, patience, and compassion.

We understand that treatment is not complete without a focus on the physical health of a person. therefore nutritional and fitness counseling also forms a basis of our treatment. Group discussions are held regularly to educate clients on the importance of leading a healthy life through exercise and diet so that they can maintain good eating habits even when out of treatment.

Career and educational planning services mold our clients to be assimilated back into the society as responsible people who can find and keep their jobs. Training is offered on resume building and financial goal setting.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

The street name is “coke” and it is a highly addictive drug derived from cocoa plant leaves. Cocaine is mostly in the form of fine white powder and some people will take it in its diluted form mixed with other stimulants such as amphetamine.

It is mainly snorted but can also be injected or smoked. The use of this drug leads to feelings of euphoria, extreme happiness and a general feeling of jovialness. Many users will start taking the drug in small dosages and eventually increase the amounts. Such kind of behavior often poses a danger because very soon a person will overdose and pass out.

Most recreational users will admit to being hooked to cocaine due to its powerful euphoric effects. If you or a loved one has cocaine addiction such that their social life suffers, then it is time to consider treatment. Contact us today and let one of our experienced addiction advisers walk you through the admission process. You can also take a tour of our facility. We are ready to offer the necessary help to help you recover in a dignified manner.

We offer a free and confidential consultation. This will help us gauge the level of care needed that best fits your unique needs. We will also answer any specific concerns you may have. We offer advice on the health insurance information to see how you are covered while providing any additional support.