Goodricke Tea – Pioneering ‘Online tea buying’ in India

There is one break that every person who works in an office looks out for is ‘The teak break’. This break is synonymous across all the companies and this proves the popularity that ‘a humble cup of tea’ holds in every Indian’s hearts.India is the second largest tea exporter, just after China and you can find tea in hotels, tea stalls, etc. Tea is also called as ‘Chai’ in many places in India and we having tea along with companion dishes like biscuits, idly-vada, poha, etc. There are many varieties of tea namely Green tea, Black CTC tea, Herbal tea, White tea, Lemon Tea, etc. As far as tea plantations are concerned, Darjeeling is famous for its iconic tea gardens and the climate & landscape perfectly suits the procedure of tea plantation.

Like coffee, tea contains caffeine but the amount of caffeine you find in tea is much less when compared to the proportion of caffeine in coffee. Hence, many coffee lovers also tend to have tea rather than coffee. Consuming Green tea, Black CTC tea also has a positive impact on your health, brain and can also help you to stay fit (by reducing the fat burn in the body). As per a study, consuming Lemon tea in the morning revitalizes your body and also helps in maintaining a good immune system. Consuming Green tea also has multi-fold benefits on the health and keeps your body away from Alzheimer’s, anxiety, Cancer (breast, prostate, Colorectal).

There are many brands of tea in the market, but consumers have to make a wise choice in choosing the best type of tea for consumption. No one would want to consume sub-standard tea in the morning since it would adversely impact productivity. Goodricke Tea, a subsidiary of Camellia Plc., U.K. is a well-known tea brand that resonates in the mind of the tea lovers whenever there is any mention about tea. Goodricke Tea has a number of tea plantations in Darjeeling and manufacturing facilities that adhere to the highest standards of hygiene & safety. The company produces the finest orthodox teas, heralded and coveted by blenders and connoisseurs alike. The fresh CTC Tea from GoodrickeTea also enjoys wide popularity. Since the company has been in the business for many years, they have a good amount of retail & distribution expertise. There was a growing demand for Goodricke Tea for consumers in towns that were not covered through physical retail. This problem was solved by the introduction of their online tea market where customers can place an order for their favorite tea from anywhere across India.

With the rise of mobile &internet penetration, customers from towns are also very comfortable with online shopping. Customers can order tea online from the Goodricke Tea website and the same would be delivered to their home/office/any delivery address. When you buy tea online in India, you can enjoy the convenience since you longer need to step out of your home to purchase your favorite category of tea. You also order tea in the form of Loose Leaf namely Boutique tea, Bespoke tea, etc. You can also purchase Darjeeling tea, Green tea, Black CTC tea, Ready to drink tea that comes in the packet format. You can also place a bulk order, a useful option for retailers and tea lovers who frequently have tea partiesJ. It also has a good cancellation and returns policy.

If you are a tea lover and want to avoid the traffic & long queues in billing departments of retail outlets, you should give a try to online tea buying on Goodricke Tea website.