Explore 5 Unknown Facts about Asian Ginseng

Asian ginseng is considered one of the most effective herbs having health-promoting impacts on the human body. Its benefits range from boosting mind and energy to stimulating the libido. Korean soil is known as an ideal location to cultivate red ginseng. What makes Korean red ginseng stand out is a wide variety of minerals and nutrients good for health.

Asian ginseng takes six long years to get matured in a soil that needs a gap of 10 years between planting seasons. That’s why Korean ginseng is rich in active elements. It also contains the highest ginsenoside concentration among other ginseng types. It is possible to grow Korean ginseng without using any chemicals or pesticides.

Nutrients It Contains

Korean red ginseng contains vitamins, amino acids, essential oils, and other natural enzymes. Apart from these, red ginseng contains almost 42 natural minerals.

It Deals With

  • Stress
  • Weak Immune System
  • Cognitive Issues
  • Inflammation
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Early-Aging
  • Flu & RSV

Now, let’s check out 5 unknown facts about Asian ginseng:

  1. Korean Ginseng Can Be Taken at Any Season

You can take this herb at any time of the year. During summer, excessive sweating may cause loss of physical strength. Korean ginseng supplies nutrients that help us boost energy and stamina. Monsoon and Winter come with influenza and flu. Ginseng has been used to prevent influenza and flu from the ancient time in traditional Eastern societies.Image result for Explore 5 Unknown Facts about Asian Ginseng

  1. It Is Equally Effective for Elders & Youths

Many research articles have admitted that red ginseng contains ingredients which are good for strengthening immune function. It also prevents early-aging. A recent study conducted a test on 86 women of 40-70 years age group. As a result, 82 women got their facial wrinkles improved; their collagen production was also enhanced by a regular dose of Asian ginseng.

It also maintains psychological and physical well-being in youth. Young women like the famous Korean model Soo Joo Park uses red ginseng regularly, she carries red ginseng extract everywhere with her.

  1. Asian Ginseng Is Good for Kids

Ginseng can be effective for controlling weak constitution of children. It takes active part in the development and growth of brain. A dose of red ginseng for children should be 1/3 of the adults. Children are often reluctant to take health supplement. Parents can try Korean red ginseng candies to satisfy the cravings of their children and their health requirements as well.

  1. Anyone Can Take Korean Ginseng

Biologically, Korean red ginseng extract takes active role in overall improvement of human body. There’s a rumor that Korean ginseng should be taken depending on one’s physical constitution. There is no scientific ground behind this kind of statement. Ginseng has medicinal qualities that have positive impacts on spleen and stomach. People having weak digestive system would intake ginseng to get the system strong. Healthy person can also intake ginseng to boost the energy level.

  1. It Is Safe to Take Red Ginseng for a Long Time

According to Oriental medicinal philosophy, ginseng is an upper medicine herb, that has no side effect. Therefore, you can intake ginseng for a long time; it is neither life-threatening nor harmful. Even the Food and Drug Administration or FDA, USA, has pointed out radix ginseng, dried root of red or Panax ginseng, as GRAS (generally recognized as safe).

A Final Takeaway

Asian ginseng has always been popular in Asian countries like Korea and China. Now, it is getting immense appreciation from the Western world as well. Over the years, a number of scientific studies have made probe into the benefits and functions of red ginseng on human body. In most of the cases, the results have considered red ginseng as a multi-beneficial herb with minimal side-effects.

This is a herb that takes care of your entire family including you, your elders, and your kids. The best thing is you can take this herb to improve several health functions. A wide range of Korean red ginseng products offers tea, health supplement, food, even tonics. If you love to explore delicious and healthy recipes, you must try Korean chicken soup with red ginseng extract powder.

To explore more about Asian ginseng, keep an eye on our upcoming blogs! Till then, stay healthy, have fun!